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Wednesday, 21/10/2020 | 20:55:05 GMT+7
Weekly Events

Following are the most popular news in the week: The 13th session of the 12th Party Central Committee solemnly opened; Fundraising application launched to support victims of Agent Orange; Liberation News Agency: When history asks, all are ready;

13/10/2020 14:34:00


1.The 13th session of the 12th Party Central Committee solemnly opened

Speaking at the opening of the Session, General Secretary and State President Nguyen Phu Trong emphasized that the 13th session of the 12th Party Central Committee is being held amid Party organisations completing the grassroots-level and upper-grassroots level Party congresses, has been and is conducting the congresses of Party committees under the Central Committee towards the 13th National Party.

Weekly Events - 1

Therefore, member of the committee will discuss a range of very important matters, including the year’s socio-economic situation, plans ahead for 2021, draft documents proposed for the 13th National Party Congress, and a personnel plan for the 13th Party Central Committee and a number of other important issues

Objective and comprehensive evaluation of the country’s socio-economic situation

Analyzing the socio-economic situation in 2020-2021, the General Secretary and State President noted the context in the region and the world, when the Central Committee considered the situation and gave the guidance on issues related to socio-economic development, state budget expenditure, was very complicate and unpredictable so it could not be fully foreseen everything in the process of outlining the development plan.

The outbreak, spread with the unknown end of the Covid-19 pandemic has been aggravating the trend of recession, crisis of the global economy, that has been warned before and may lead to the most critical crisis since the Great Depression 1929 - 1933, seriously affecting our country's deeply integrated economy. Meanwhile, the year 2020 is of great significance, it is the last year of the 5-year plan 2016 - 2020, and the year 2021 is the opening year of the 5-year plan 2021 - 2025, the 10-year Socio-economic Development Strategy 2021-2030; vision by 2045.

The correct assessment of the country's socio-economic situation from the beginning of the year to the present and the forecast for the whole year 2020 will be an important basis for continuing to update, evaluate matter objectively, comprehensively and create a monolith in the entire Party and people in evaluation of results of the implementation of socio-economic development objectives and tasks set by the XII Congress of the Party and the Central Committee’s resolutions; serving as a basis for the formulation and successful implementation of the 2021 Socio-Economic Development Plan; creating momentum and making initial important contributions to the successful completion of the five-year socio-economic development goals and tasks of 2021 - 2025 and the 10-year socio-economic development strategy of 2021 - 2030.

Therefore, the Secretary-General and the President suggested the members of the Central Committee take the time to study, discuss and evaluate objectively and comprehensively the socio-economic situation of our country from the beginning of the year up to now and the forecast for the whole year 2020; clearly indicate the results, achievements, shortcomings, and weaknesses, the causes and lessons learned.

The Secretary-General and State President emphasized that it is necessary to focus on deep analysis, correct assessment, creating a high consensus on estimation of the negative impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, the global economic recession and the volatility of the world market towards the realization of the socio-economic development objectives and tasks in the plan; the necessity and the correctness of the policies and measures that we have applied to prevent, to fight and overcome the consequences caused by pandemics and droughts and natural disasters in order to maintain production and business activities, to create jobs, income for employees, to ensure social security and welfare, to minimize the decline and to restore gradual growth momentum, to ensure macroeconomic stability, to improve growth quality, sustainability in socio-economic development; to ensure national defense, security, social order and safety; to maintain political stability, a peaceful and favorable environment for national construction and defense.

"Pay attention to analyzing and evaluating objectively, comprehensively and deeply the causes and lessons learned from successful and unsuccessful experiences in leading and directing of preventing and fighting pandemic and of socio-economic development in a new situation "- General Secretary and State President said.

The General Secretary and State President also proposed the Central Committee to study, to analyze thoroughly, and make scientific forecasts about the situation in the last months of 2020 and the years 2021 and 2022, especially about the trend of disease fluctuations, the developments in the world and domestic situation in all fields. On that basis, to properly assess the results of implementing major targets and goals by 2020 for outlining plans to ensure the major balances of the economy to meet the reality; to unanimously consider and evaluate the implementation of the 5-year socio-economic development plan 2016-2020, with seeing all the results and achievements that the entire Party, the entire people, and the entire army have strived to gain and difficulties and challenges that need to be overcome.

At the same time,to set out general goals, a number of main objectives, targets, and important tasks and solutions should focus in leading and directing socio-economic development in 2021 and next years. Forecast all situations and prepare appropriate coping options, even in the worst case scenario.

Documents of Congress XIII: Update, analyze, evaluate the situation

Referring to continuing to improve the draft documents submitted to the XIII National Congress of the Party, the General Secretary and State President affirmed that according to the previous congresses, the draft documents sent in April may is used for the announcement, and consulting the members of the National Assembly, the Vietnam Fatherland Front, socio-political organizations and people in mid-October. After that, the Sub-Committees synthesize and absorb comments of the Party Congress at all levels, and organizations, and individuals to complete, submit to the Politburo and the Central Committee for consideration and complete the documents thus finish the process of preparation of documents for submission to the XIII Congress of the Party.

However, in 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic and the global economic recession happened suddenly, rapidly, complicatedly, and unpredictably, having a great impact on the socio-economic situation of our country that required to update, analyze, reevaluate the situation, adjust some additional objectives, tasks and solutions to be more suitable with reality.

"In recent time, the Politburo has directed the Subcommittees to urgently study and update the new situation and absorb the relevant opinions and contributions, initially received from the grassroots and grassroots-level party congresses, as well as from a number of party organizations, and cadres and party members to continue completing one step further on the draft documents submitted to this session of Central Committee for consideration and direction. I would like you to spend time to discuss carefully, make specific comments on new drafts and the Submission, especially issues with different opinions; pay attention to additional and revised contents compared to printed drafts which have been sent, especially the issues stated in the Submission; ensuring the consistency and consistency of the contents, first of all, the newly added and adjusted contents between documents according to the following principles: Political reports are central reports; other reports are thematic and specialized reports, which must be synchronized and unified "- noted Secretary-General and State President.

The Politburo 4 times made the approval of the personnel of the Central Committee

A content of special interest at this session is the personnel of the Central Committee, term XIII, the Secretary-General and State President emphasized. From the end of December 2018 to September 2020, to prepare resources of personnel for the Central Executive Committee term XIII, after the Central Executive Committee gave its opinion, on the basis of the proposal of the Personnel Sub-Committee, the Politburo 4 times approved the list of the planned personnel of the Executive Committee Central Committee XIII tenure with a total of 227 comrades. The Politburo and the Secretariat have directed to open 5 classes of fostering new knowledge for the comrades planned for the XIII tenure Central Executive Committee. In July 2020, on behalf of the Politburo, the General Secretary and State President sent a letter to the XII Central Committee members, asking each comrade to propose his own opinion and recommend qualified personnel. standards and conditions to replace him(her)self.

Weekly Events - 2

On the basis of the proposal of the Personnel Sub-Committee, the Politburo met to approve the structure and resources of personnel to introduce for the voting list of the XIII tenure Central Executive Committee. Based on the decision of the Politburo, the Personnel Sub-committee has sent notification to localities, agencies, and units for organization of the personnel introduction. As of August 20, 2020, 116/116 localities, agencies and units introduced 119 Central Committee members, term XII (both official and alternate) for the re-election of the XIII Central Executive Committee; 107 people for voting to be the first time official members, and 44 people for voting to be the first time alternate members of the Central Executive Committee term XIII. In general, the organization of collecting personnel recommendation cards of the candidat to the Central Executive Committee has been strictly implemented by the Party Committees at all levels, and basically ensured the schedule, the process, and guidance of the Personnel Subcommittee.

As the General Secretary and State President’s direction, the selection and recommendation of personnel to participate in the XIII Central Executive Committee have to adhere to the Directive on personnel work of the XIII Congress, ensuring the comprehensive leadership of the Central Executive Committee in the areas and fields of work where there are the candidates of Central Committee Membership term XIII; meeting the requirements of leadership in performing political tasks of the central and local levels, especially in key areas, the areas of complex and essential importance, at the same time, contributing to building a contingent of high-ranking cadres of the Party in the immediate and long term.

"Whiles considering, selecting and recommending personnel, it’s necessary to rely mainly on the standards, conditions, structure, and quantity; the quality, capacity and reputation of the staff, and to pay attention to the reasonable and balanced structure between localities, working fields, and blocks; between central and local levels; young cadres, female cadres, ethnic minority cadres...However, not because of the structure and quantity but lowering the standards. To ensure democracy, equality, fairness, honesty and transparency; to fight resolutely against negative manifestations during the process of personnel work, that may cause bad public opinion among cadres, party members and the people "- General Secretary, President Nguyen Phu Trong said.

Emphasizing, the personnel work for the Central Executive Committee is very important, the Secretary General and State President urged members of Central Committee to heighten the sense of responsibility, to follow the Direction and Process of Personnel Work, to research carefully the list of personnel recommendation of the Central Executive Committee and the Central Inspection Committee Session XIII for a thorough discussion, consideration, and selection before recording the votes. Based on the results of this session as well as comments from the Central Committee, the Politburo will direct the preparation, review, supplementation, and completion of personnel plans, ensuring sufficient in terms of quantity, standards, quality of personnel, then complete and report to the Central Committee for consideration and approval before submitting to the XIII Congress of the Party.

2. Fundraising application launched to support victims of Agent Orange

On October 6, the Central Vietnam Association of Victims of Agent Orange / Dioxin (VAVA) launched the fundraising app to facilitate support for AO victims (VAVAPlus app) .

Sharing about the VAVA Plus app, Vice Chairman of Central Vietnam Association of Victims of Agent Orange / Dioxin, Director of the Vietnam Foundation for Victims of Agent Orange / Dioxin, Nguyen Van Khanh said that fundraising to help victims of Agent Orange is the functions and duties of all levels of the Association.

Weekly Events - 3

In recent years, the mobilization of resources and fundraising campaigns have faced many hardships, especially in past months due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic.

This requires the Association at all levels to innovate and to create many flexible and diversified fundrising forms, attracting the participation and support from many organizations and individuals, especially to enhance the application of electronic technology to mobilize funds.

VAVAPlus app includes stories and reports on Agent Orange victims to spread and positively inspire social communitíes, international friends; honor, and gratitude to the "Golden Hearts" for their doings for Agent Orange victims.

The app includes a system of the victim's needs, their addresses, the addresses of their family, so domestic and foreign donors can directly support the victims’ essential needs, as well as the connection between victims and the donors and social communities …

The app also includes an online market to create sustainable livelihoods for associations, victims of Agent Orange, and their families through helping them to sell products; connect and trade with domestic and international friends.

Generous business enterprises wishing to participate, to contribute to promoting the market's activities can also register to sell their products on the application ...

Senior Lieutenant General Nguyen Van Rinh, Chairman of the Vietnam Association for Victims of Agent Orange / Dioxin, said that the launch of VAVAPlus app is to apply IT to mobilize more resources to support, care and help victims of AO. That is a practical work towards the 60th anniversary of the Agent Orange Tragedy in Vietnam (August 10, 1961 - August 10, 2021).

Chairman Nguyen Van Rinh called on benefactors at home and abroad, through the application to advocate VAVAPlus Fund continue to support Agent Orange victims both mentally and physically, helping them to overcome difficulties, rise up in life, and integrate into the community.

Mr. Rinh asked media agencies to promote propagation of application to advocate for the Fund, to make contribution by attracting a large number of organizations and individuals to support and help Agent Orange victims, join hands to alleviate Orange pain.

At the opening ceremony, the Vietnam Fund for Victims of Agent Orange / Dioxin received VND 80 million donations from many organizations and individuals. Many participants of the ceremony installed the app right then.

3. Liberation News Agency: When history asks, all are ready

At the time of its establishment, the Liberation News Agency was a part of the Southern Party Committee's Propaganda Department. Since then, the News Bulletin of the Liberation News has been distributed to Hanoi regularly at 18 hours a day.

Liberation (Giai Phong) News was born in Chang Riec war zone (Tay Ninh) and grown continuously. The reporters of the Liberation News Agency were present right then. They were resiliently sticking to most of the battlefields, hot spots on the Southern front, taking direct part in the fight, and recording the heroic victories and historical moments of the nation.

News bulletin from old equipment

In early 1960, the revolution in the South entered into a new phase. The Southern Party Committee moved to Duong Minh Chau base (Tay Ninh) to promote the establishment of the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam.

In order to serve the proclamation of the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam and to meet the new requirements and tasks of the Southern revolution, on April 22, 1960, the Southern Party Committee Propaganda Department issued Directive No. 18-TVA on the establishment of a division consisting of political and technical staff to found an official information body in the South.

The Party Committee assigned journalist Do Van Ba ​​(who was in charge of the branch of Vietnam News Agency of the South during the war against the French) to take responsibility for deploying, preparing personnel, technical facilities ... for the birth of Liberation News Agency.

From the current archives of the Vietnam News Agency, the reliable national information center of the Party and State, it is clear that the mandate of the official information agency in the South was a heavy one.

The task of the agency is not only to provide information to the leaders of the Party Committee, but also to contact the localities, to synthesize the situation, to compile the news and distributed it to Hanoi to promptly supply to the Party Central Committee and State agencies, and all the people in North Vietnam about the actual progress of the struggle of the army and people in the South.

To meet the new request, the staff of new cadres was strengthened from the “iron land” Cu Chi, and Long An, Dong Thap ...

After a short time of urgently gathering and replenishing forces, preparing machines and equipment, at 7:00 p.m. on October 12, 1960, with a 15W transmitters and an old dynamo-electric machine (funded by the central government since 1954), from the Duong Minh Chau base, the first news bulletin of the Liberation News Agency was broadcast. That news bulletin was also the launch announcement of the Liberation News Agency.

The Vietnamese news bulletin, titled "The Liberation News Agency" with a subtitle "The news agency of the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam," informed the people in the whole country and the world about the Dong Khoi movement of the people in the South, the change of the Southern revolution to a new stage - the period of using revolutionary violence to fight against the enemy's anti-revolutionary violence.

During its early time from the establishment, the Liberation News Agency was a part of the Southern Party Committee's Propaganda Department (since 1961 it turned to the Central Office for the South).

Since then, the News Bulletin of the Liberation News Agency is distributed in Hanoi regularly at 18 o'clock every day. This was an indispensable source of information for many information agencies in Vietnam and abroad (mostly through the Vietnam News Agency) at that time, as well as for those who were interested in the situation in the South before reunification.

Resilient protection the base

During its over 5 years of operation, hundreds of reporters, editors, telegraphers, technicians ... of the Liberation News Agency had to fight to protect the base while ensuring accurate, continuous information flow for the Central Office for South Vietnam, the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam and delivered the news to the North.

Between February 2 and March 15, 1967, the US forces and South Vietnam Army launched a large-scale sweeping campaign in the South called Junction City, targeting the base of the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam in War Zone C.

Journalist Vu Tien Cuong was a former reporter of Liberation News Agency, who took part in the battle to “break” that campaign. Although more than four decades have gone, the memory of the days of journalism in the battle’s fire remains intact in his mind. Every moment of this event like slow-motion footage unfolded before his eyes.

The enemy mobilized about 45.000 troops supported by many tanks, bombers B-52 "flying fortresses" and other types of aircraft,  artillery, and advanced equipment for search and destroy operations aimed at head agencies of the Central Office for South Vietnam. In particular, the enemy concentrated attacks the bases of the Central Office for the South Vietnam located on the two sides of National Highway 22, North Tay Ninh.

“Facing the rapid changes of situation, journalist Vo Nhan Ly (Vu Linh), Director of Liberation News Agency ordered to move from Cay Dau Troi Danh area, crossing ‘ Advisors Glade’ to stick to Trang Tranh, Phum Chay. This was the fifth site the agency moved to set up a base,” recalled journalist Vu Tien Cuong.

“In the echo of explosions of bombs and mines, the collective of us - reporters, editors and technicians of the Liberation News Agency - urgently built new camps, trenches, and fortifications. “Multi chief” - that's how we use to call our leader. He both directed news writing jobs, at the same time directly commanded the fight for the defense of the base, ”reminisced former Liberation News reporter.

He stopped an kept quiet for a few minutes, then shared: “Perhaps this is one of the most fierce campaigns we had undergone”. Mr. Ngoc Dang, who later was awarded the title ‘Hero for destroying motor vehicles’, bravely died after burning two American armored vehicles.”

In addition, the Liberation News Agency sent a group of reporters with the telegraph team to follow the liberation army’s attack directions. During the campaign (which lasted 13 days), the telegraph team was bombed more than 10 times. Two officers of the Liberation News Agency were permanently lying on the battlefield.

During the process of construction and growth, the Liberation News Agency's base had to be relocated about 9 times. Over 250 reporters, editors, technicians ... of the Liberation and Vietnam News Agency laid down their lives all the way from Quang Tri to Ca Mau in the position of soldiers. Overcoming the hardships, the reporters of the Liberation News Agency firmly held the pen and gun to maintain the "lifeblood" of information in the fierce battlefield.