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Wednesday, 30/09/2020 | 21:44:09 GMT+7
Weekly Events

Following are the most popular news in the week: The Government leaders shall set up 7 delegation to inspect public investment disbursement; Vietnam clear of COVID-19 community infection for 99 days; More than 250 gifts are donated for disadvantaged ethnic students; Ha Giang city is sunk into flood water

28/07/2020 14:40:00

1. The Government leaders shall set up 7 delegation to inspect public investment disbursement 

The Prime Minister has just issued Decision 1053 on establishing seven delegations to inspect, urge and remove difficulties and obstacles for production and business, and accelerate the disbursement of public investment capital (including ODA) in 2020 at a number of ministries, agencies and localities.

Accordingly, there will be 7 missions led by the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Ministers and a number of Ministers who will carry out the inspection from July 18 to August 31, 2020.

Specifically, the first mission is headed by Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, will inspect localities: Ho Chi Minh City and Dong Nai; some localities in key economic regions of Central Vietnam, Central Highlands, and Mekong River Delta.The second missionis headed by Standing Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh, inspecting a number of localities in the Red River Delta.

The 3rd mission was led by Deputy Prime Minister Pham Binh Minh, inspecting a number of localities in the Northern Midlands and Mountains.The Mission No. 4 was led by Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung, inspecting two ministries: Transport, Agriculture and Rural Development and some localities in the North Central Coast and Southeast regions.

Mission No. 5 is headed by Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam, inspecting ministries: Health, Education and Training.
Mission No. 6 was led by Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Chi Dung, inspecting a number of localities (which did not coincide with the missions of the Government leaders).
Mission No. 7 is headed by the Minister of Finance, inspecting a number of localities (which do not coincide with the missions of the Government leaders).

The working contents of the Missions are to remove difficulties for production and business; inspect, urge and handle problems in order to accelerate the implementation and disbursement of public investment capital (including ODA) in 2020. Other contents (if any) are under direction of the Head of Mission.

The Prime Minister requested the working delegations to make a general report on the situation, test results and specific proposals and recommendations (if any) and send them to the Prime Minister within 7 working days after the conclusion of  inspecting each locality, ministry and agency.
Ministers, heads of ministerial-level agencies and government-attached agencies shall directly inspect and urge the implementation and disbursement of public investment projects under their management and report to the Prime Minister before August 10.

2. Vietnam clear of COVID-19 community infection for 99 days

According to the National Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control, from 6am on 16/4 to 6h on 24/7 no new Covid-19 case was confirmed marking 99 straight days that Vietnam has gone without community transmission.As of 6am on 24/7, Vietnam has a total of 272 imported cases, which have been quarantined immediately.

From 18h on 23/7 to 6h on 24/7, Vietnam has no new cases.

Weekly Events - 1

The total number of people in close contact with Covid 19 patients and those, who have entered from the epidemic area being monitored for health (isolation) are 10,336, of which 352 are concentrated in hospital, and 9,379 are isolated at other facilities, and 605 are isolated at home or at the residence .

Regarding the situation of treatment, according to the report of the National Steering Committee for the Prevention and Fight against COVID-19, there are 4 cases which have tested with SARS-CoV-2 negative once and 0 cases negative twice.

3. More than 250 gifts are donated for disadvantaged ethnic students

The People's Committee of Khuong Trung Ward and the teachers of Nguyen Trai Primary School, Thanh Xuan District (Hanoi) have just coordinated with the People's Committee of Pha Mu Commune, Than Uyen District (Lai Chau) to donate more than 250 gifts for students from ethnic minorities families with difficult circumstances at Pha Mu Primary and Secondary School, Pha Mu Commune Preschool.

Gifts given by officials and teachers of Nguyen Trai Primary School on this occasion include computers, printers, blankets, pillows, clothes, books, toys, wall fans ... Besides, to improve the quality of teaching and learning, officials and teachers at Nguyen Trai Primary School have guided ethnic minority students in active games; share with teachers some new teaching and learning methods and skills; distributing 1,500 leaflets to help people in remote areas to prevent, early warn and overcome natural calamities such as flash floods, mud floods, landslides.

4. Ha Giang city is sunk into flood water

Ha Giang City (Ha Giang Province) was flooded heavily due to the rain at the night of July 20,  that lasted until the morning of July 21. In mountainous areas, flash floods and landslides caused 2 deaths.In the morning of July 21, heavy rain lasted for hours, causing severe flooding in Ha Giang city. Vehicles in many places were sunk into flood water. 

Weekly Events - 2


Mr Nguyen Duc Vinh, Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Ha Giang province, said that just a few hours after the rain began to pour down, Ha Giang recordedover 100 mm. Heavy rains occurred in a short time causing local flooding at many routes.Currently, Highway 2 is congested at some points due to landslides falling on the road. It` difficult for of people to travel on this route because the functional forces have not been able to solve the problem yet.

"We have mobilized forces to appear in many other areas to instruct  the work of overcoming the situation. The heavy rain occurred suddenly so many people could not prepare for the plan to cope with rainwater flooding into the house, "said Vinh.

Previously, the provincial Committee of Disaster Prevention and Search and Rescue had a plan to relocate people from key areas. However, the leaders of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development said that heavy rain and landslides occurred in some locations not in the list of key areas to be relocated.

As a result, Ha Giang provincial leaders urged functional forces to assist people to move out of danger areas. Heavy rains have occurred in some mountainous districts causing flash floods and landslides.

Initial statistics of the Central Steering Committee on Disaster Prevention said heavy rain in Hoang Su Phi district (Ha Giang province) caused two people to be buried, 10 houses were damaged, 18 hectares of rice were flooded.

Currently, heavy rain also began to appear in many other mountainous provinces such as Lao Cai, Dien Bien, Cao Bang and Bac Kan. The National Center for Hydrometeorological Forecasting said that the high wind convergence area caused heavy showers and thunderstorms in the above areas.

Up to 7am this morning, the rainfall recorded in Ha Giang has reached 244 mm, Lao Cai 81 mm, Son La 49 mm ... Meteorological agency forecasts rain will continue continuously for the next 2 days around Northern mountainous provinces with common rainfall of 40-80 mm / day. There are places where heavy rain is over 150 mm / day.

5. Public land in Ho Chi Minh City : National defense land "falls” into private hands

In Ho Chi Minh City, 3 "golden" lots  including No. 2, No. 7-9, No. 9-11 and Ton Duc Thang, District 1, that were managed by the Naval Force, Ministry of Defense, have fallen into private business hands without auction.

During recent time, some leaders, former leaders of Ho Chi Minh City and some ministries and central agencies were disciplined by the Party and authorities, many of them even were prosecuted, criminally handled, received imprisonment sentences related to violations in land management, causing great damage and loss of State assets.

In addition, a series of city officials and cadres at state companies in the city have been dealt with management of public land. This fact makes public opinion disturbed, even feel anxious and annoyed.

To broaden way for the public opinion as well as to identify mistakes, causes and solutions for resolving and stopping this alarming and painful situation, the Vietnam News Agency correspondent made 4 articles, through a number of recent cases..

Article 1: Defense land "falls” into private hands

In Ho Chi Minh City, three "golden" lots including No. 2, No. 7-9, No. 9-11 and Ton Duc Thang, District 1, that were managed by the Naval Force, Ministry of National Defense and were executed in the case involving former Deputy Minister of Defense Nguyen Van Hien (who got 4-year prison sentence).

Due to loose management, these 3 plots one by one fell into the hands of private enterprises without auction, causing loss of state assets.

Bring defense land to joint venture

In early 2020, the trial of former Deputy Minister of Defense Nguyen Van Hien related to the three "golden" land plots mentioned above has received special attention from public opinion.

The reason for this attention may not necessarily stemming from the trial and severely punishing former military leaders to violate the law, but also the clarification of the process of "turning" defense land into the hands of private enterprises, causing losses of state property.

According to the Central Military Procuracy, Limited Company (Limited Liability) One Member of Hai Thanh Service and Sea-Island Tourism Company(hereinafter referred to as Hai Thanh Company) of the Navy is assigned 3 golden land plots No. 2, No. 7-9 and 9-11, Ton Duc Thang, but in turn brought the land use right value as a capital contribution to a partnership with another company to implement a high apartment forr rent project, contrary to the direction of the Minister of Defense as well as against the land law.

At the land lot 2 Ton Duc Thang, Hai Thanh Company brought the land use value of 1,215 m2 for only VND 187 billion to form a joint venture with Canh Hung Company to set up a project company.

Later, the project company sold most of its shares to domestic private companies or associated companies with foreign companies, resulting in the defense enterprise losing control of the project, failing to guarantee profits and causing loss of state assets.

Currently, on this land, a 27-storey floating building has been built. According to the Central Military Procuracy, in November 2018, the No. 2 Ton Duc Thang land lot was worth nearly VND 530 billion.

However, if calculated based on the current actual unit price and real estate price consulting companies, Ton Duc Thang route, District 1 will cost from VND 756 million/m2. So this lot costs at least  918 billion.

Similarly, the area of the lot of 7-9 Ton Duc Thang is 3,531 m2. In 2009, the Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee approved the land use right value of nearly VND 504 billion.

Yen Khanh Production, Trading and Service Co., Ltd proposed the Naval Force cooperate with Hai Thanh Company to set up a project company, Yen Khanh Hai Thanh. The permission was approved. Hai Thanh Company brought the land use right value of this land of VND 504 billion to contribute capital to the partnership.

After receiving the 7-9 Ton Duc Thang land lot, Yen Khanh Company conducted fraudulent procedures to convert the land use right certificate granted to Hai Thanh Company to Yen Khanh Hai Thanh Company and then mortgage at the bank, thus appropriated over 525 VND billion.

What is remarkable is that Hai Thanh Company conducted negotiation with Ms. Tran Thi Lam, Director of Mai Anh Limited Company (at present Ms Lam is Chairman of Hoa Lam Group), then the two sides signed to establish Cong Thanh Services Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as Mai Thanh Company) with purpose to build a multi-functional project in the 9-11 Ton Duc Thang land lot, with area of 1,917m2.

The initial value of the land plot 9-11 Ton Duc Thang was determined at only VND 248 billion. Later, Mai Thanh Company transferred a part of its charter capital to TCO Vietnam Investment Joint Stock Company. As a consequence, the defense enterprise retained only small portion of the charter capital; all activities of the joint venture companies on the projects became the property of other partners in the joint venture companies and were managed by them.

Just taking the figures of the Central Military Procuracy in the indictment, in November 2018, the price for plot 9-11 Ton Duc Thang was nearly 550 billion VND. According to calculations of some real estate consulting companies and real transaction prices on the market, 9-11 Ton Duc Thang land lot costs more than 1,449 billion dong.

So, although Hai Thanh Company was originally the unit named in the Certificate of land use rights and ownership of houses and other properties attached to land, currently still holds 23.63% of charter capital but Ho Chi Minh City authorities changed the license for TCO Vietnam Joint Stock Company and Mai Thanh Company. 

Thus, the State has not only lost a large amount of money (if the land had been put up for auction in the first place), but also is extremely arduous in resolving the consequences. Because at present, at this lot of land a 34-storey building has grown and is leased as an office.

Foreigners own defense land

It can be said that the above 3 defense lands are just some of many plots of defense lands in Ho Chi Minh City which has been converted purpose of using so many large enterprises can participate in construction projects "million-dollar villas and apartments," located in many areas from Tan Binh District, Go Vap, Binh Thanh District, District 9, District 10 …

More than that, the national defence land is alsoprivatized by assigning domestic investors to receive and conduct projects, then the investors withdrew capital, "giving way" to foreign-owned enterprises. The story took place at the 7/5 Residential project, scale 32.4 ha in Long Truong Ward, District 9.

This is a defense land used as a shooting range. After relocating the firing range from District 9 to Cu Chi District, Ho Chi Minh City, on June 31, 2004, the City People's Committee issued Decision No. 3243 / QD-UBND on "temporary assignment" 32. 4ha mentioned above for 7/5 One Member Limited Company (belonging to Military Zone 7, referred to as Company 7of May) to invest in constructing Residential project 7/5.

The signing of the Decision No. 3243 by the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City on June 31, 2004 is a quite "sensitive" act because only one day later, the 2003 Land Law took effect, in which stricter regulations on procedures for land acquisition, land allocation and site clearance. Therefore, Decision 3243 does not clearly show the boundaries, does not specify the land area (estimated only), cannot determine the specific number of plots, specific map sheets, etc.

In particular, Decision 3243 introduced the "strange" concept of "temporary land allocation", which was not embodied in land law at the time. On the other hand, this "temporary transfer of land" is a "temporary assignment" for the defense company to carry out a commercial project, which is essentially not a change of land use purpose.

Due to weak capacity of the 7/5 May Company, the project could not be implemented for a long time. In the same time, the Ministry of Defense advocated the dissolution of the Company 7/5 allowing the Company to sell debts and projects that have been implemented to recover capital.

A Sung Co., Ltd. became the "Partner", which is allowed to take over the residential project of 7/5, with special "priority", including inheriting all legal documents of the project, including money land use in quantity VND 118 billion paid to the State budget.

A Sung Company Limited was established in 2013, led by Mr. Tran Ngoc Tho, former Chief of Staff of Military Region 7 as Director, Ms. Tran Thi Oanh Oanh as a member.

It is very "strange", when the A Sung company has the charter capital only 1 billion VND, the registered business sector is education, but still has been identified as the investor of the residential housing project on 7/5.

Through many times of changing the business registration information, by the time A Sung Company Limited was allocated land to implement the project (June 2015), Mr. Tran Ngoc Tho remained the Director and in October 1016, Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Ho Chi Minh City granted Land Use Right Certificate to A Sung Company Limited.

While the land lot of project was still vacant,  A Sung Co., Ltd. continued to change its business information registration. Former members including Mr. Tran Ngoc Tho and Ms. Tran Thi Oanh Oanh, respectively, withdrawn from the Company until 2017, and  Mr. Lee Hyung Jin (born in 1965), Korean nationality became the Director of A Sung Company Limited .

Public opinion consufused, why did the authorities do not organize the auction of the land, choose qualified investors for keeping on the project of 7/5 Residential Area. They didn`t. That it is so hard to understand why 32.4 hectares of original national defense land has been "changed roles," "silently" falling into the hands of foreigners?

Obviously, if 32.4ha of defense in District 9 and 3 "golden" lands on Ton Duc Thang Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City had been auctioned in accordance with the law, surely the State budget would have collected not a amount of money.

By the method of illegally bringing defense land to joint ventures, transferring land funds to domestic enterprises in the form of appointing investors and withdrawing capital, and then foreign enterprises' individuals can acquire projects, the land resources has not been used effectively, distorted its purpose and use value, causing loss of state budget, so until now,  handling of the consequences has not the last unresolved problem./.