Top experiences you should try in the Philippines

14/6/2022| 15:06

Situated in Southeast Asia sits the Philippines, a country known for its thousands of islands, amazing sights, and incredible culture. Since there is so much to see and do in the Philippines, we rounded up the top experiences you should try in the Philippines when you find yourself planning a trip here.

With majestic and enchanting landscapes, you will not regret your decision to come here, and probably keep wanting to go back to explore even more. Not to mention the locals are super friendly and show visitors a great time. Not making you wait any longer, here is a list oftop interesting experiences you should try in the Philippines. 

1. Quick information about the Philippines


Despite being home to multiple dialects, Tagalog is considered as the National language. However, one of the most beautiful things about the Philippines is that almost everyone speaks English which makes it easier to communicate with the locals.

Festivals and Celebrations: 

Undoubtedly, wherever you are in the Philippines, there is a big party, festival, or local celebration going on. It is very common for people to invite complete strangers to join in on the fun. A few big ones though are Ati-Atihan in Kalibo which is near Boracay (January), Sinulog in Cebu (January), and Masskara in Bacolod (October). These festivals generally comprise of big street parades with locals showing off their indigenous native costumes. Expect to have lots of street dancing, and local rum drinking.


The transport from one place to the next can be a mission due to it being an archipelago. If you have limited time, flying from one island to the next is essential. We recommend downloading some essential apps to track bus, boat, and train schedules ahead of time.Bookaway also allows you to book buses from Manila to Banawe, Sagada, Batangas and more.


While you can visit the Philippines all year round, it is generally better to avoid the wet or rainy season. Although with the exception of big typhoons, during the wet season, days are more likely to be hot with short rain showers in the afternoon so it isn’t entirely too bad. In a nutshell, the weather in the Philippines can be broken down into two parts. The dry season (January-May) and wet season (June-December).

2. Experiences you should try 

Go Hiking Through Rice Terraces and Mountains

While many people head to the Philippines purely to enjoy the many picture-perfect beaches, the Philippines also has some pretty beautiful mountains to climb. One of the best things to do in the Philippines is to head North to the mountain provinces to hike Banaue, Batad, and Sagada. 

Here, you can find a complex irrigation system built in the impressive rice terraces, which was engineered by the local tribesmen. Apart from the rice terraces, there are also loads of other Philippine mountains to climb like Mt. Pulag, Mount Apo, and Pico de Loro.

Party it Up in Boracay Island

Loosely dubbed as the Ibiza ofAsia, if you enjoy partying, head on over to Boracay Island where you can bask in a long stretch of white sand during the day and party it up until sunrise by the many beach bars scattered along the shore. Apart from partying, there are also heaps of adventurous things to do in Boracay that are worth checking out.

Go Scuba Diving in Sunken Shipwrecks

For avid underwater explorers, scuba diving in the Philippines is something that you shouldn’t miss. While there are loads of fantastic dive sites in the Philippines, the sunken WWII shipwrecks in Coron, Palawan are considered musts!

Other famous dive destinations are Apo Reef, Pescado Island and Malapascua in Cebu which is famous for the thresher sharks. If you want to venture out further to places like Tubbataha Reef, you can also consider doing a Philippines liveaboard diving trip to help you reach untouched sites. 

Explore Remote Islands

While I could easily ramble on about all the best beaches in the Philippines, I’m afraid I would never end. From the beaches of the lesser known Gigantes Island to the shores of world-famous Palawan, there is no shortage of islands to choose from.

If you want to go surfing and enjoy world-class waves, go to Siargao Island. If you want to explore beautiful beaches and marine life, head to Palawan. For a good mix of culture, diving, and beaches, head to Cebu, Bohol, Coron, and Dumaguete.

Visit the Chocolate Hills 

With lush rolling hills stretching as far as the eye can see, Chocolate Hills is one of the bestPhilippines attractions. There are over 1,500 geometric hills covered in a dense shrub of grass. After the rainy season, the green grass turns a light brown color, giving the hills their dark, chocolatey appearance.

For the best views of the iconic hills, head to the Chocolate Hills Complex, where you’ll find a viewing platform with unobstructed views from high above the ground. You can also visit the lesser-visited Sagbayan Peak for sweeping 360-degree views of the surrounding landscape.

Swim with whale sharks 

The waters in the Philippines are teeming with vibrant sea life. If you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime activity, then we suggest snorkeling with the gentle whale sharks! As one of the largest marine mammals in the world, the whale shark can grow as large as 60 feet in length and weigh over 20,000 pounds.

There are several places in the Philippines to swim with whale sharks. Southern Leyte is considered the most ethical place to find these amazing creatures. There are fewer tourists and more regulations, which means you’ll get to enjoy a more authentic whale shark snorkel experience.

See the active Mayon Volcano 

The sacred Mayon Volcano is a must-see during your visit to the island of Luzon in the Philippines. It’s the most active volcano in the Philippines and has erupted almost 50 times since the early 1600s. Although it’s been nearly 30 years since its last, fatal eruption, Mayon is definitely not asleep.

Besides admiring the sheer size of the volcanic mountain, there are a variety of other activities to do during your trip. Take an ATV tour towards the base of the volcano, shop for local hand-made products in the village, or photograph the perfect symmetry of the mountain from a trail.

Hiking the mountain is no longer permitted, but it’s still worth a journey to Albay to admire this beautifully destructive work of nature.

And that is all aboutthetop experiences you should try in the Philippines.In case you are looking for information about ASEAN tourism, please check out on our website to know more.