HCM City among top 10 destinations to live and work for digital nomads

14/5/2021| 9:57

Ho Chi Minh City has been named in the top 10 of a list compiled by Club Med’s website of destinations to live and work in for digital nomads in 2021, according to Euronews.

Ho Chi Minh City is one of 10 best destinations to live and work for digital nomads 

The survey conducted by Club Med aims to work out exactly where digital nomads should be flocking to this year and is based on several criteria. This includes considering factors such as cost of living, safety, average internet speed, number of adventurous activities, number of relaxing activities, and places to work.

In its article, Euronews states that the digital nomad lifestyle is now a more attainable than ever due to developments in technology helping to allow people to stay connected, wherever they are based in the world.

Ho Chi Minh City comes in second place on the list for digital nomads with a score of 274 out of 320.

According to Club Med, the southern metropolis has an approximate living cost of EUR830 a month, along with an average temperature of 34 degrees Celsius and high internet speeds, all of which make it a dream destination for digital nomads.

It also stressed the high scores the city achieved in the fun rating, scoring 4.5 out of five, along with a score of four out of five for places to work.

Phuket of Thailand tops the list with a total score of 290 out of 320.

Completing the list is Krabi of Thailand, Colombo of Sri Lanka, Jimbaran of Indonesia, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia, Cancun of Mexico, Siem Reap of Cambodia, and Canggu of Indonesia.