National interface police open the peak of Tet 2022

15/12/2021| 14:38

During the peak two months, the National Traffic Police will strengthen patrols and control, focus on attacking and suppressing crimes nationwide. On the morning of December 15, in Tien Du district, Bac Ninh province, the Traffic Police Department - the Ministry of Public Security held a launching ceremony to carry out the peak period to ensure traffic order and safety during the Lunar New Year and Lunar New Year. Lunar New Year and early spring festivals in 2022.

National interface police open the peak of Tet 2022

The focus of this peak wave is to attack, suppress and effectively fight against crimes, illegal entry and exit activities and illegal acts nationwide, in order to ensure traffic safety road, railway and waterway; prevent and reduce traffic accidents and traffic jams; promptly prevent and strictly handle the gatherings causing public disorder, illegal racing, serving the needs of people's travel, entertainment, festivals, passenger and goods transport on the last occasion year, ensuring safe, flexible adaptation and effective control of the Covid-19 epidemic.

In the field of road traffic, the national traffic police force will mobilize and arrange patrol forces to control and strictly handle violations of traffic safety regulations and prevent illegal racing; the focus is on the acts that are the direct causes of traffic accidents and traffic jams; increase patrol and control of motorcyclists to handle violations of regulations on compulsory helmet wearing. During the implementation process, the traffic police force has increased the use of surveillance cameras, weight scales and modern technical equipment that have been equipped to handle traffic safety violations. In the field of railway traffic, the traffic police arranges forces to coordinate with the authorities, the local police and the railway industry to inspect and handle violations that are the cause of railway traffic accidents. at crossroads, self-opening walkways, dangerous positions for railway traffic safety.

National interface police open the peak of Tet 2022

In the field of inland waterway transport, before the Lunar New Year, the traffic police focus on goods transport, mineral resource exploitation activities, river passenger transport activities, etc. along fixed routes on key transport routes; illegal or unqualified ports and berths... During and after the Lunar New Year, traffic police focus on objects and areas with activities across rivers, along rivers, along fixed routes, tourist activities, festivals, entertainment and entertainment activities on inland waterways. The process of implementing the traffic police force regularly arranges forces at stations and key areas at peak times of traffic volume; resolutely suspending wharves and vehicles that fail to ensure safe conditions, especially failing to comply with regulations on life-saving and life-saving...

The Traffic Police Department requested the police of the units and localities to ensure absolute safety and smooth operation of the Party and State leaders; international delegations to visit and work in Vietnam... While performing the task of patrolling, controlling and handling violations of contact with people, officers and soldiers in the traffic police force must ensure safety in the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic as recommended by the health sector.