Young expatriate intellectuals eager to dedicate to their motherland

1/12/2021| 21:32

Like tireless birds, young expatriate intellectuals are always eager to go and set foot on new lands to expand their knowledge. However, it seems that the word “Vietnamese” always stays in their minds.

In a conversation about promoting the Vietnamese expatriate intellectual resources for country development, Dr. Le Quy Vang, a senior expert in data science at Aalborg University (Denmark) emphasized, "A single tree does not make a forest".

The thoughts of Dr. Le Quy Vang are shared by many young Vietnamese expatriate intellectuals living, studying and working abroad.

Linkage as a source of strength

For Tony Duong - a Vietnamese CEO in the US, in addition to building his personal career, actively supporting the Vietnamese student community is always his top priority.

Young expatriate intellectuals eager to dedicate to their motherland

CEO Tony Duong (fourth, from the left) and his colleagues at CPI.

In fact, thousands of international students completing their studies in the US could not find suitable jobs and have to leave their dreams of starting a business. That was the reason for Tony Duong to establish the Career Pass Institute (CPI) to help young people find out their careers and skills. Therefore, the international students could further improve their competitiveness in the international markets.

At CPI, the young CEO and his friends used their authentic knowledge of methodical and intensive training to help the academy have a foundation of professional career skills. With experience working in the strategic consulting industry at many leading US corporations, he has directly participated in training Vietnamese and international students successfully.

The Covid-19 pandemic is pushing the whole world to a quick transition to the 4.0 era. Therefore, young Vietnamese who intend to study abroad and find a job in the US easily fall behind and lose competitiveness in the labor market, said Tony Duong.

Giving new ideas on the application of Blockchain technology in educational management in Viet Nam, Dr. Vu Ngoc Huy, from Odessa National Polytechnic University, said that he could not turn his ideas into reality without the cooperation and connection of other people.

According to this young Doctor from the largest and oldest technical training institute in Southern Ukraine, the application of Blockchain technology in educational management is of great significance, in order to improve the security, transparency and reliability of data. He believes that the Blockchain platform is opening up great opportunities for Viet Nam in quickly digitizing and synchronously connecting all areas of life.

Huy said: “We are living in a period of connectivity, so I hope that my knowledge and expertise can find sympathy and connection with many other industries and professions. Each intellectual working all by himself would not bring about greatness for the country. Only by joining hands can we bring Viet Nam to an international level.”

Culture is a "soft tool"

Living and working in the French city of Nantes, musician Hoang Thu Trang is currently the Chairman and founder of ART SPACE - a “rendezvous” place to promote art education and cultural exchange activities.

Bearing in mind the desire for children born and raised in France not to forget their cultural roots is the original reason that prompted Ms. Trang to establish ART SPACE. However, what really made her persistent in implementing the project were the encouragement and enthusiastic participation of her French friends.

Young expatriate intellectuals eager to dedicate to their motherlandMs. Hoang Thu Trang and her students at Françoise Giroud Primary School, Saint Herblain, France.

Her happiness is to see so many families that have no connection with Viet Nam but regularly send their children to participate in cultural activities at ART SPACE, learn to sing and dance to Vietnamese music, draw on handicraft products such as bamboo mats, and conical hats.

Ms. Trang shared: “I am always proud of my homeland with its cultural, music and art background. The traditional cultural values ​​from the ancestors' time and the dynamic transformation of the young generation have brought about unique features and a youthful and vibrant vitality for Viet Nam.”

In the US, guitarist Tran Tuan An also aspires to be an artistic bridge to bring foreign audiences closer to Vietnamese culture.

Born in Han Noi and he then won the first prize of the Vietnam Guitar Young Talent Competition at the age of 12, Tran Tuan An had the opportunity to study at prestigious universities in the US with scholarships such as full scholarship for master's program at Yale University and full scholarship for doctoral program at Northwestern University.

The art working environment in the US is very demanding and competitive. Tran Tuan An says that every time he performs, foreign audiences always find it interesting and emotional, partially because he is from Viet Nam.

Besides taking part in international performances and teaching music to young guitarists, this artist also attends charity performances in his homeland to help students in poor schools, offering gifts to children in special schools such as Nguyen Dinh Chieu School for the Blind Children.

Dedicated contribution

As an apprentice professor at Gachon University (Korea), Dr. Nguyen Phan Thang, who was honored with the Golden Globe Award 2020 by the Central Committee of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and the Ministry of Science and Technology of Viet Nam, still wishes to do scientific research in his homeland.

Having graduated in Chemical and Biological Engineering, Mr. Thang is doing his research into energy storage batteries using metal ions such as lithium, sodium, and calcium. His goal is to create products that contribute to a green, clean environment, useful to people and the living environment.

Young expatriate intellectuals eager to dedicate to their motherlandGuitarist Tran Tuan An. (Photo: Tran Tuan An)

Talking about the potential of young Vietnamese intellectual resources, Dr. Thang said, “young people going abroad usually have with them high determination, great effort and desire to develop their career, based on their inner strength of intelligence and creativity". He also expressed his satisfaction with the Vietnamese government's policies to attract young Vietnamese talents overseas.

However, Mr. Thang stated that many young intellectuals have the desire to contribute to the country but they are not given sufficient information.

“Young Vietnamese people can always synergize their strengths, no matter what the circumstances are,” he said. But the main obstacle is that the coverage of programs for young talents is still limited and the connections are not strong enough”.

Mr. Thang's comments are similar to expressions by PhD student Pham Thi Quynh Chi at the University of Bologna (Italy). Chi expressed her hope that the Vietnamese government and state would have more open policies, creating favorable conditions for overseas young intellectuals to make their contributions to the development of the country.

"For young intellectuals, it is not important where to go or stay, it is important how and in which way they can contribute. This is also the direction that the state is taking to gradually attract high-quality human resources to serve the country. Like an ordinary worker, young intellectuals need a working environment of testing, making mistakes and correcting with a relevant level of income for their expenditure and social relations and recognition”.