Party building with young generation - Challenges and opportunities

25/12/2020| 17:34

TGVN. How to educate the young generation and help consolidate their beliefs and political stance is very important, cause the young generation will be the future of the Party and the country...

Party building with young generation - Challenges and opportunities

The young generation will be the future of the Party and the country...

Being luckily born and growing up in the peaceful time with no chance to witness our forefathers’ fight against foreign invaders, I always have a strong sense of those battles, the traumatic loss as well as the difficulties during the establishment of the Communist Party of Viet Nam. I know very clearly that it is the Communist Party of Viet Nam that led our nation to gain independence, build our country so that it can develop as today.

Every time I go back to my hometown, passing by Dong Loc T-junction, I always enjoy listening to my father's stories about the victories and sacrifices of our forefathers in the national struggle for independence from the French and the Americans.

To me, it's not just the "fairy tales" when I can "directly" witness when going round the bomb craters, listening to stories about the young soldiers who volunteered to go to the battle field and got injured, lost their limbs or even died.

I feel very proud to be a Vietnamese national. It was my wish that when I grew up, I would be admitted to the Party, contributing to the cause of preserving, continuing and building the country that previous generations had exchanged for blood and bones.

I was admitted to the Party when I was a student of the Thuy Loi University (Irrigation University). At that time, I understand well my main task of "studying" and tried to study and work following Uncle Ho's teachings. I tried to fill up my knowledge so that I can contribute to the cause of building the Party and country.

After graduating from university, I had opportunity to live, study and work in a foreign country for more than 7 years. Having communicated and worked with young people of different social classes, I have understood more the true values ​​of the Party, what the Party has always wanted to make our country a "fair, civilized and happy" society.

Though the country has gained achievements, I wondered how the country can educate, consolidate beliefs, stance, and political bravery for the young generations, because young generations will be the future of the Party and the country.

The strong development and explosion of science and technology have brought about the drastical change in global economic, political and social situation. Never before has the access to information of the country and the world been as fast and direct as nowadays. With the advent of smartphones, the Internet and social media, each citizen not only can be updated with news and information but aldo can expresses his or her own personal opinions and thoughts.

It is my concern that the young generation of Viet Nam has adapted and absorbed very quickly new and modern technologies, however, their stance and opinion are unstable. Corruption, inadequacies in education, health care, and transportation are factors that are often used by bad forces to negate achievements and lay blame on the leadership of the Party and state.

Without the knowledge and ability to analyze and debate, the young people will not be able to shape their political stance, even the elders will get "lost".

Recent studies have shown that the regular use of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, will make an individual have the feeling that she or he is less happy than others and this will lead to the feeling of pressure in his or her work and life.

In addition, negative information will have more impact and more ability to spread than positive information. This is the reason why virtual values ​​take the throne. It's a common misconception among young people that money is the metric for success and happiness and stands as goal and ideal for everyone for striving, while the real value of contribution to society in terms of knowledge and constructiveness is overlooked and refered as "tool" to make money.

In other words, the emergence of social networks along with the development of science and technology has brought a huge amount of information to the young generation. If they do not have enough knowledge and bravery, they can easily be exploited, divided and misconducted. Cause these people will be the core force of the Party and the country in the future, it creates challenge for each party member and the Party as the whole in the Party building work.

Challenges always come with opportunities, the bigger challenges are, the more opportunities we have. Under the wise leadership of the Party, our country has been successful in the fight against epidemic and corruption. These are very positive signals, helping the Party gain more trust among the people. This is a good opportunity and also the strong foundation for building and reinforcing the trust in young people about the leadership of a Party toward a society "made by the people and for the people".

In discussions about sovereignty, constructing and protecting the country, many young people raise the question how we can protect and develop the country, should we ask for help from US or China, or should we rely on technology from Russia or German, etc.

Party building with young generation - Challenges and opportunities

The launch of a youth project in Xuan Quang village, Dong Trieu town, Quang Ninh province. (Photo: Ba Trinh)

As a party member, I have my own confidence and pride to say that we have the Party leading. Under the leadership of the Party, our country and people, like our previous forefathers, will decide for ourselves the sovereignty of the Fatherland and the destiny of the people.

For me, with my expertise in ​​disaster prevention and anti-climate change, we can build our own "technology" because there will be no nation, no technology that can understand and thoroughly solve the problems and issues facing our country more effectively rather than the young generation who were born and raised in that homeland.

The task of the young generation today is to constantly study, cultivate and train themselves to be ready to contribute to the cause of constructing and protecting the country.

Truong Hong Son

(from Korea)