Following Uncle Ho's teaching, be exemplary at the forefront of any work

27/12/2020| 11:37

TGVN. “Following Uncle Ho’s teachings, it should be reflected concretely in practical actions, first of all, it is to do the job well, especially the things directly related to the lives and interests of the people.” - That is the perceived idea, the compass to navigate Party member Nguyen Thanh Do, Chairman of the Veterans Association of Khuong Trung ward, Thanh Xuan district, Ha Noi city to fulfill the role and responsibility of an association leader.

Following Uncle Ho's teaching, be exemplary at the forefront of any work

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Do actively supports the Mobile Fire Team of Khuong Trung Ward. (Photo: Phuong Thanh)

In June 2003 he became a pensioner after years of military service. Promoted by the tradition of Uncle Ho's soldiers, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Do volunteered to take on many local tasks: Chief of the Branch 12 of Veteran Association, Vice head of Residential Block, Deputy Secretary of Party Cell, Party Secretary, Vice Chairman and Chairman of Veterans Association, then he joined the Party Committee, People's Council of Khuong Trung ward, Thanh Xuan district, Ha Noi city.

A Dedicated Official

Keeping Uncle Ho's words in mind: “The masses only love those with dignity and morality. In order to guide the people, we have to set a standard for the people to follow”, in any position, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Do is also dedicated, considerate with his work, always exemplary in activities and movements of Association as well as local social affairs.

He actively encouraged the members to respond to the emulation movement "Exemplary Veteran", the campaign "All people unite for implementing the New Rural Development Program, and City of Civilization”, integrated with the study and work to follow Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality, and style. Thereby, it is a contribution in promoting the emulation movement of the Residential Ward's Veterans Association which takes place increasingly excitingly and extensively.

The Khuong Trung Ward Veterans Association currently has 1,736 active members. In order to consolidate and improve the quality of the Association's activities, he is interested in maintaining a regular mode of the Association's activities; to mobilize its members to well implement the Party's undertakings, the State's policies and laws, the direction of the Party Committees and the superior associations.

As the Chairman of the Veterans Association, Mr. Do does not hesitate to constantly go down to the grassroots to observe the situation and share difficulties with the branches; pay attention and visit when members are sick, or when the member’s family has a funeral or wedding ceremony; he helps the members to interpret the policy issues such as beneficiaries of medal ward, merit award, military rear policy.

With a heart of mutual love, he, along with the Executive Committee of the Veterans Association, encouraged its members to actively participate in charitable and humanitarian activities, join hands to support many families of Veterans Association members in difficult circumstances; he raised and deployed the “Comdrades in Arms Fund” with over VND 50 million/year, for visits and gift offerings to families in need on holidays and New Year (VND 300,000 VND/portion); giving gifts to the policy beneficiary families on the occasion of the War Invalids - Martyrs Day July 27.

Being sociable, attached to the people, he gets to know the feelings, emotions, including the legitimate requests and aspirations of local people in general and Veterans Association members in particular to report it to the authorities for prompt counter-measures locally. It is unknown when he became a bridge between the people and the party committees, authorities and branches and social unions.

To promote the performance of the Association, he cooperated closely with each branch to mobilize exemplary CCB members to take the lead in movements, actively undertake many works and practical works in the locality.

Many Practical Models Initiated

Many specific models of activities were initiated and implemented by him having brought about practical results. Typically among them was the model "Construction Rules Supervision Team". In 2016, there was a violation of construction rules in the area of ​​the ward at Lane 122 Vuong Thua Vu street, causing frustration in public opinion and local people.

In order not to let the same situation happen again, he launched and asked all officials and members of the neighborhood guilds to carry out independent monitoring of the construction rules. The monitor and supervision follow to the principle of publicity, democracy, closely check whether households have construction permits, if there is sign of encroachment or not, thereby, promptly detect signs of civil construction violation, and report right to the ward authority to handle. Thanks to that, for many years there have been no cases of civil construction violation.

Following Uncle Ho's teaching, be exemplary at the forefront of any work

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Do advocates for fire extinguishers to be equipped to officials, members and residernts of the No.13 residential block. (Photo: Phuong Thanh)

In addition, the family model of fire safety and fire protection is one of the breakthrough solutions that Chairman Nguyen Thanh Do and the Khuong Trung ward Veterans Association have successfully implemented, contributing to building a city of civilization. This movement was supported by the Party committees, local authorities and people at all levels.

Up to now, 1,491 families of Veterans Association members across the ward have had mini fire extinguishers; many households have built an escape scenario such as buying a rope ladder, cutting the protective steel cages to open an emergency exit. With the contribution of Veterans Association, Khuong Trung ward has built the residential area No.13 into a safe residential area in term of fire protection.

Mr. Do Ngoc Bao, Chairman of the Veterans Association 13 said: “With the advocacy of the Ward Veterans Association, directly by comrade Chairman Nguyen Thanh Do, we quickly implemented the necessary works to build a safe residential area for fire prevention. Currently, there are 250 fire extinguishers in residential area No.13, of which 40 are for collective use, the rest are self-equipped by households. In the last two years, 7 large and small fires in the residential area have been promptly extinguished, ensuring the safety of lives and property for the people”.

The Chairman of the Ward Veterans Association, Nguyen Thanh Do wants to strive to build the Association into a strong Association; Veterans Association members must be a good model for the younger generation to follow. To do that well, the members are not only enthusiastic in local movements but also exemplary in everyday life activities.

Promoting the merits of Uncle Ho's soldiers, in the residential area, Mr. Do always gets along well with his neighbors, cares to help the disadvantaged families, takes the lead in donation campaigns, supports the people suffering from the recent floods in Central Viet Nam as well as other types of funds raised by upper levels.

With a sense of responsibility and dedication for work, Veterans Association member Nguyen Thanh Do has made important contributions to the Party committees and local authorities in successful implementation of socio-economic development goals; building a cultural life in the residential area, firmly protecting the great block of solidarity for the whole people in the locality, contributing to building more and more beautiful and civilized wards and districts.