Building and enhancing political stance for overseas Vietnamese students

25/12/2020| 16:30

TGVN. Most Vietnamese young people today have patriotism and national spirit, especially among students studying abroad.

Building and enhancing political stance for overseas Vietnamese students

Vietnamese students participate in the exchange football tournament in Korea 2019.

With the development of globalization, Vietnamese people have more opportunities to access advanced education programs in the world. According to the statistics of the Department of International Cooperation, the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training, there are currently about 190,000 Vietnamese students studying abroad. This is an extremely important resource in the development of Viet Nam. In addition to attracting resources for the country-building, it is important to improve the political stance for overseas Vietnamese students.Vietnamese students participated in the exchange football tournament in Korea 2019.

Taking pride in being Vietnamese

The Covid-19 pandemic has aroused the dark sides of modern society around the world: the conflict of interests between economic development and the people. However, Viet Nam is like a ray of sunshine through the dark cloud. Under the leadership of the Party and State, a series of measures have been taken to ensure safety for people. Anti-Covid-19 as anti-foreign aggression was a prominent slogan showing the determination of the Party and State. In addition, Viet Nam has been making efforts to perform its role in the international arena, contributing to the development of the region as well as the world.

This makes Vietnamese people, especially those studying abroad, feel proud of being Vietnamese. This is also an important foundation in promoting patriotism, building political stance to prevent the destruction of hostile forces and ensuring the development of Vietnam.

President Ho Chi Minh once said: “Our nation has a great patriotism. It is a precious tradition of ours. "The spirit of patriotism is a common point and a" golden key "for all Vietnamese to direct their hearts to their homeland and origin.

Most young people today have patriotism and national spirit, especially overseas Vietnamese students. Patriotism is a common spiritual value of the entire Vietnamese people and the Vietnamese community living abroad. This has become typical characteristics of the Vietnamese character.

Building and enhancing political stance for overseas Vietnamese students

Badminton competition for Vietnamese students at the Chung-Ang University, Korea.

Improve the solidarity

The leadership and direction of the Party have helped international students orient, educate themselves on politics and ideas. Over the past years, the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union has continuously strengthened the initiative and activeness in building movements, union activities, associations towards the goal of building a united community of Vietnamese youth and students living abroad.

Through the establishment of the Vietnamese Student Union in the host countries and local branches in each region, it helps to strengthen the connection with other international student communities. With these connections, overseas Vietnamese students can exchange, improve their professional knowledge, as well as orient their political thoughts. At the same time, it can capture their emotional feelings and political attitudes, focusing on educating and promptly orienting their thoughts amid the complicated political changes in the region and the world.

It is necessary to focus on orientation for international students to live and study in accordance with according to the host countries’ laws, as well as the Constitution and laws of Viet Nam. Vietnamese students also need to combine the preserving and promoting the national cultural identity with selectively absorbing the essence of human culture to improve their personality and political courage in the new era.

The building and enhancing political courage for students studying abroad is an issue that needs to be deeply concerned, and simultaneously coordinated by agencies and organizations including the Party, Youth Unions, Student Associations... to strengthen the solidarity in the international student community.

Tran Van Tien Si

(from Seoul, the Republic of Korea)