Reuters select peach blossom portrait pic for Vietnam

29/12/2016| 8:16

A photo of a young Vietnamese woman posing for photos in a peach garden has just been selected by Reuters to its One Photo, One Country, One Year column.

 VIETNAM: A Vietnamese woman, wearing the traditional "ao dai" long dress, poses for photos along peach blossom flowers ahead of the Vietnamese "Tet" (Lunar New Year festival), in a field in Hanoi, Vietnam, February 2, 2016. REUTERS/Kham

The column introduces 155 photos taken by Reuters' photographers in 155 countries.

According to Reuters, the photo was taken in a field in Hanoi on February 2, in which a Vietnamese woman, wearing ao dai, poses for photos along peach blossom flowers ahead of Lunar New Year.

The young woman in the photo was Nguyen Hoang Kieu Trinh, a 22-year-old student from HCM City. Kieu Trinh is also working as an actress and model.

Trinh said that she was happy to see her photo being chosen.

"I did a photo collection at the peach garden when on a trip to Hanoi early this year," she said. "That was peach blossom season in Hanoi and I wanted to take the chance to pose beside the beautiful flowers in the traditional long dress even though it was really cold."

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