Raw beauty of Ly Son Island

10/3/2016| 10:11

Ly Son Island in Quang Ngai Province is also known as a tourist paradise, thanks to its beautiful seascape.

Ly Son is about 30 kilometres away from the mainland composed of Big, Little and Mu Cu islands. The 10-square-kilometre island group has a population of over 20,000.

Big island or Cu Lao Re is Ly Son's centre, Little island is also known as An Binh and the smallest island is still uninhabited. With beautiful beaches, pure ocean and wild beauty, Ly Son is attracting thousands of visitors a day. The island has a diverse ecosystem and famous garlic fields.

Tourists can clearly see the coral while swimming in Little island or the limestone reefs created by volcanic activity thousands of years ago. Those who don't want to swim can visit the pagodas on the island which are also a sight to behold.


Travelling to Ly Son Island on boat

Swimming in Little Island

The garlic fields

The view from Thoi Loi Mountain

A natural stone tower

Exploring Cau Cave

Hang Pagoda on Ly Son Island

Duc Pagoda

To Vo gate