Colourful blossoms bloom in Nhat Tan flower village before Tet

10/1/2017| 14:06

As the Lunar New Year (Tet) Festival is approaching, Hanoi’s flower villages are blossoming with colourful fresh flowers of various kinds.

Nhat Tan’s famous peach blossoms are blooming, signalling the coming of a new spring. 

About 7km northwest from the centre of Hanoi, Nhat Tan village in Tay Ho District is famous for its peach blossoms along with different varieties and colours.

Nhat Tan peach blossoms are renowned for their big blooms, thick petals and vivid colours.

As peach trees have started blossoming sooner than in previous years due to the warm weather in recent days, local farmers are seeking to slow down the process so that the peach blossoms will bloom just in time for Tet.

Most of the flowers will bloom over the next few weeks but horticulturists have already begun selling their peach blossoms to customers.

Along with peach blossom, people usually decorate their home with kumquat trees during Tet, similar to Christmas trees in the West. Kumquat trees can also be found in Nhat Tan village.

With its green leaves and colourful fruits, the kumquat tree is a symbol of wealth and happiness in the New Year.

A tiny kumquat tree with a nametag. Most of the kumquat trees here have been pre-ordered.

Peach and kumquat trees are indispensable to the traditional holiday in the northern region.

In addition to peach and kumquat trees, Nhat Tan farmers also grow seasonal flowers, including yellow daisies.

Yellow daisies stand out against the background of pink peach blossoms.

Various kinds of flowers are ready to be sold to customers for Tet.

Purple buttons of globe amaranth are another flower commonly found in the gardens of Nhat Tan precinct in recent years.

Flowers are carefully and gracefully nurtured throughout the three weeks remaining until Tet.

Many different kinds of flowers are blooming to welcome in a new spring.

Flowers are taken to market.

Nhat Tan gardens are also an ideal place for young people to enjoy memorable moments and the colourful atmosphere of Tet.


(Nhan Dan)