Ban Gioc waterfall – a landmark at the national frontier

6/9/2016| 11:02

The Ban Gioc waterfall on Quay Son River in the northeastern province of Cao Bang province is one of Vietnam’s best-known waterfalls for its grandeur and charm.

Stretching the international border between Vietnam and China, it has been a natural demarcation between the two for long. The waterfall is also listed among the largest along a national border.

Located in Dam Thuy commune, Trung Khanh district, the waterfall is fed by Quay Son River rising from China. The river flows into Vietnam and reaches Dam Thuy commune at Ban Gioc village. Here, the flow divides into several branches and lowers its flow to create Ban Gioc waterfall.

The waterfall measures 35 metres high and spans 300m. Great water columns can be seen from a distance.

The waterfall is separated into three layer-falls by rocks and trees. Large volumes of water pouring down to lime stone steps form a curtain of white spray.

The ‘roar’ of the waterfall can be heard kilometres away.

The beautiful enchanted jade-blue water at the foot of the waterfall, surrounded by green from the northeastern jungles.

Visitors could take bamboo rafts to approach the cascade for better views.

The water flows also create smaller falls to the left of the central waterfall.