Stories of love

19/12/2017| 12:06

Ha Linh Thu tells a story of love, motherhood, light and memories, celebrating family gatherings centered around mothers through her elegant contemporary designs.

Known for her determination and never ending creativity spanning almost two decades in Vietnam’s fashion scene, once again designer Ha Linh Tu inspires awe amongst the most discerning clients and fashion lovers across the country, this season presenting luxurious silk and velvet fabrics in her collection Blooming Velvet.

Velvet features as the main material, creating a garden full of light and evoking memories of love and family.

Inspired by the original archaeological research institution of the French School of the Far East built in 1910, Ha Linh Thu designed her collection space herself. 

This season, for Fall/Winter 2017 Vietnam’s fashion industry top models were selected to showcase Ha Linh’s new collection, including leading model Ngoc Chau, the runner-up to Miss Vietnam Le Hang, TV personality Cao Thien Trang of ‘Team Sang” Vietnam Next Model 2017 fame, and the confident outspoken model duo Thanh Thao and Hang Nguyen.

Fifty of the best models working in the industry today will perfectly embody the spirit of silk and velvet contemporary elegance that is very much the essence of Ha Linh Thu. For this collection an extra special guest will grace the runway - Ha Linh Thu’s mother Bich Tuyen.

By Que Chi