Regulations on electricity services in the national electricity corporation in Vietnam

14/4/2021| 14:23

The General Director of Vietnam Electricity has just issued Decision No. 353/ QD-EVN on electricity services in Vietnam National Electricity (hereinafter referred to as Decision 353), effective from April 1, 2021.

Regulations on electricity services in the national electricity corporation in VietnamIllustrating figure


According to Decision 353, the electricity service groups of Vietnam National Electricity include: Receiving and answering services; New electricity supply service; Services in the process of using electricity; Other services.

Group of other services are including: Operation of electricity works; Electrical works maintenance/ maintenance; Acceptance of electrical works; Design, install the sun on the roof; Electrical construction design; Installation and repair of electrical wires and electrical equipment.

Forms of providing services to customers of EVN include: Online and Directly combined online. Specifically,customers use electricity services through the network environment by the online form(from service registration, providing documents (electronic files), payment of charges (wire transfer, Internet/ Mobile/ SMS banking, e-wallet,…) and electronically confirm by digital certificate or OTP).The form of direct and online combination: For customers who are not eligible to do it completely online, apply at most the eligible steps to perform the online form combined with the direct form.

Forms of receiving and answering electricity services include: Customer care switchboard; Online through websites, public service portal, customer care application, zalo ...; Direct support at the room or location of customer transaction.