Feeling when reviewing the photo "Go on duty"

15/4/2021| 21:18

The image of Nguyen Thi Hien, she was a female militia in Yen Vuc village . She was wearing a gun and overcoming all the battles. The team leader who was directly fighting in 1966, was taken by the photo management artist Mai Nam. Bronze Medal in the 1967 International Photo Organization Competition in Bulgaria.

Feeling when reviewing the photo Go on dutyImages of Mrs. Hien going to the battlefield in 1966


The photo then became a typical image of the indomitable spirit of the Ham Rong and Thanh Hoa militiamen, who made the legends. After nearly 50 years the photo has gone down in history, the character in the photo still lives a simple life.

Tear pants to cool down the barrel of a gun

After 50 years, Ham Rong people still hear each other about the bravery of the militia woman leading 7 girls in Yen Vuc village to supply ammunition and food to the army during nearly 8 years of fighting. That legend has been carved into the minds of successive generations, associated with the militia woman Nguyen Thi Hien. In the afternoon of April we visited the family of a girl from Yen Vuc village, Nguyen Thi Hien. The petite woman spoke to us with warm, friendly words.

We cannot help but be surprised by this woman 45 years ago who once carried a box of bullets twice as heavy as her body across the Ma River to replenish ammunition for anti-aircraft troops. Yen Vuc village (Hoang Hoa), located at the foot of Ham Rong Bridge, was once one of the navel bombs, the focus of enemy attack. That day, Nguyen Thi Hien was a girl under 20 years old, willing to hate the enemy, she volunteered to lead 7 girls in Yen Vuc village in charge of the ambulance work right on the battlefield.

At that time, the 18-year-old girl and the militia and self-defense of Yen Vuc village bravely carried hundreds of rounds of bullets with a bamboo boat to supply our troops to fight the enemy. It was also she who had devised the initiative to tear the pants of her pants to cool the barrel of a gun to continue fighting the enemy. The battle on 3-4-1965 lasted, causing the guns of 37 ranges of our armies to become red hot, reducing the speed and range of the projectiles. In the battle field water is available without any supplies to get water. In that urgent situation, the way to tear off the leg of her pants soaked with water to wipe the barrel of the gun to cool down Ms. Hien was seen as a surprise initiative. That initiative, which was effectively applied immediately to Yen Vuc artillery battles, won a resounding victory. After that, it was applied to all the artillery battlefields protecting Ham Rong Bridge.

Twice wearing a funeral scarf went to fight the enemy

The daughter of Yen Vuc village Nguyen Thi Hien had to wear a mother's mourning scarf twice to fight the enemy. It was April 22, 1965, like many other families in Hoang Long commune, Hoang Hoa district, Thanh Hoa, her family's house was destroyed by American bombs and buried her dear mother.

Wiping away her tears of pain, she continued to fight with our army and people to fight each US plane. “When the battle was over, I ran home and found my mother's body had been found by the militiamen, and my heart ached. But the battle is still long, then not only me but everyone, too, hid the pain inside and fought ”. Some time later, her father was also killed by American bombs. There are only 3 children left in the family, and the house is gone. This girl alone took the children to evacuate. Then come back together with teammates to fight. She is like a resilient symbol of a wartime woman.

Next, on September 21, 22, and 23, 1966, American aircraft frantically raided and made the paving boards and concrete surface of Ham Rong bridge destroyed, so transport vehicles could not cross the South bank. At that time, Nguyen Thi Hien and the girls in the Yen Vuc militia and self-defense team were on a mission to resupply ammunition for the battlefield. That little girl had carried cartons of double-body ammunition on the rails leaving only the longitudinal rails to cross the reinforcement bridge for the South bank. After the battles, Nguyen Thi Hien again searched for bombs, searching for the bodies of soldiers and militia who had died for burial. Then leveling the bomb craters, digging fortifications, giving first aid to wounded soldiers to bring them to a safe place, organizing to help people evacuate, patrolling, guarding villages.

The heroine in the hearts of the people

During the process of protecting Ham Rong Bridge, the girl Nguyen Thi Hien directly replaced the injured gunner and fought 380 matches, 4 times buried by bombs and bullets all overcame and continued to fight ... At that time, she was awarded the Victory Medal of Second and Third Class by President Ho Chi Minh; awarded 1 Resistance Medal by the Party and State; 2 Central level militia emulation soldier badge, 24 certificates of merit and certificates of merit ...

She also has one more title that, more than 50 years ago, Thanh Hoa people conferred her: The title "Heroine in the hearts of the people". It is like who she is, for her homeland, for her country that fights. Ms. Hien shared.: “I fight for the country, not for a title.These actions, not worth anything compared to many people have fallen. Now surviving and being healthy is a very happy thing… ”.