Easy to eat deep fried pork skin greasy dish

12/4/2021| 14:53

Pigskin fat has a crunchy skin layer, fat grease, to dip or mix with fish sauce.

Easy to eat deep fried pork skin greasy dishillustrating figure



- 1 kg of fat is attached to the skin

- 1/2 small ginger root

- 2 minced garlic bulbs


Step 1: Shave off the hair from the purchased fat, wash it with dilute salt water. Boil water, add salt and ginger, add fat and boil briefly. Take out the fat, wait to cool, then cut into square pieces evenly, depending on your preference.

Step 2: Put the pot on the stove to win the fat over the lowest heat. If the fire is high, the pig's skin will explode at first. Just let it down slowly. Stir until the fat tightens, the skin is somewhat white, then turn on the high heat. If opened early, the skin will explode, opening later will cause calluses. Therefore, when the skin is puffy and white, it is the appropriate time to open the fire.

Step 3: Stir the skin evenly so that the skin is evenly swollen, quickly pick it up and drain it. When the fat is picked out, the color will be darker, so when the fat is yellow, the skin is crunchy, then remove it immediately.

Step 4: When the fat water is hot, add the minced garlic to the crispy golden pan and take out the sieve to cool. Wait for the fat to cool, then add the garlic and shake well. Put into storage vials.