Detention of Chinese organizers for illegal entry

14/4/2021| 9:43

On April 13, information from the Quang Binh Provincial Police said that the unit had just issued a decision to prosecute the case, prosecute the accused and detain Nguyen Thanh Lam (SN 1985, resident Thanh Tri, Hanoi) about the act of "organizing other people to enter Vietnam illegally".

Detention of Chinese organizers for illegal entryThe subject Nguyen Thanh Lam


Accordingly, at the police station, the subject Nguyen Thanh Lam declared at about 15:00 on April 2 who was contacted by a Vietnamese to hire 9 Chinese people who had just entered Vietnam illegally to bring them into Quang Tri province.

After picking up 9 Chinese people as required, Lam rented a taxi from Hanoi to  Dong Hoi city (Quang Binh province) at 7am on the third of April and put the number of people to stay at the N.H guesthouse (in Nam Ly ward, Dong Hoi city, Quang Binh province). On April 4, subject Lam took 9 Chinese people to the B.M motel (Dong Phu ward, Dong Hoi city, Quang Binh) to rest in order to avoid detection by authorities.

According to Lam's plan, he would take 9 Chinese people to leave the BM guesthouse and move to Quang Triaround 0:30 "on April 6. However, he was discovered by the police, he was showed and arrested when this behavior was not done.

After being arrested, Nguyen Thanh Lam and 9 Chinese people who illegally entered the province were tested twice by the Quang Binh Health Department, the results showed that these people were negative for SARS – CoV– virus 2.