Thai Nguyen determines to protect the brand of a 'Safe Green Zone'

12/12/2021| 23:22

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Thai Nguyen is taking advantage of the opportunity to be the "Safe Green Zone" of the whole country and at the same time making efforts to fully exploit its potentials strengths, meeting the development requirements in the new period.

Thai Nguyen determines to protect the brand of a 'Safe Green Zone'On the evening of 29th October, Thai Nguyen Provincial Party Committee held a Cermony to celebrate the 190th anniversary of establishing the province (4th November 1831 – 4th November 2021). In the photo: Rehearsal of the performing arts program toward Thai Nguyen's bright future. (Source: Thai Nguyen Newspaper)

Thai Nguyen is a province with the 5th largest area and the 3rd largest population of Viet Nam.

With the determination to become one of the modern industrial economic centers of the Northern midlands and mountains and the Hanoi Capital regions by 2030, Thai Nguyen is focusing on improving the leadership capacity, fighting power of the Provincial Party Committee, arranging and streamlining the organizational apparatus, leading the effective implementation of resolutions of the Party Congress at all levels.

Along with actively reforming administrative procedures, improving the investment and business environment..., Thai Nguyen is actively promoting synchronous digital transformation on all 3 pillars (digital government, digital economy and digital society), paying attention to education - training, improving the quality of human resources and socio-economic development associated with the good performance of national defense and security tasks.

Drastically implementing the "dual goals"

In the first year of implementing the Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress and the Resolution of the 20th Provincial Party Congress, the People's Committee of Thai Nguyen has actively developed the operating scenario and directed all levels and branches to focus on implementing "dual goals", both drastically preventing and combating the epidemic while focusing on socio-economic recovery and development, with the top task of ensuring social security, people's lives and protecting people's lives, firmly protect the "Green Zone for Production and Supply" for the economy in the new normal situation.

In the context of the still very complicated Covid-19 pandemic, the important economic indicators in 2021 initially show that Thai Nguyen's economic picture continues to have many positive bright spots, which is a premise so that the province can well fulfill the goals of the whole year and in the period of 2021-2026, promote the work of attracting domestic and foreign investment, gradually bring the province to the leading position in attracting investments.

Thai Nguyen's GRDP in the first 6 months of 2021 is estimated to increase by 6.5% over the same period last year, higher than the overall growth rate of the whole country (5.64%), putting the province in the 6th rank in the Northern midland and mountainous provinces and the 25th out of 63 provinces and cities throughout the country.

Among which, the industrial production value was estimated at 361.6 trillion VND, increased 8.65% over the same period and 43% of the whole year plan; the total export value is estimated at 13.4 billion USD, up 13.5% over the same period and equaling 47.7% of the whole year plan.

Total state budget revenue in the area is estimated at 7,325 billion VND, up 13.1% over the same period and equal to 47.0% of the whole year estimated for 2021. Production value of agriculture, forestry and fishery was estimated at 7,525 billion VND, up 4.4% over the same period and equaling 51.6% of the whole year plan; total development investment capital in the area was estimated at 17.4 trillion VND, up 5.8% over the same period last year.

Thai Nguyen's production and business environment has continued to improve positively. Notably, recent results have shown that, in 2020, Thai Nguyen has jumped 36 steps to rank 3rd out of 63 provinces and cities on the Provincial Governance and Public Administration Performance Index (PAPI) – after Quang Ninh and Dong Thap. The Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) also increased 1 ponit, ranking 11th out of 63 provinces and cities nationwide.

A prominent activity in the complicated progress of the epidemic was the joint operation between units in the "Pink Thai Nguyen - Together against the epidemic" campaign.

Through practical activities, Thai Nguyen has been proactive and has many positive solutions in coordinating with units and localities to effectively prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic, raise awareness and responsibility of officials and employees, ministries and people in complying with the regulations and instructions of competent authorities, contribute to disease prevention and control.

The province is also actively implementing the COVID-19 vaccination campaign to achieve the earliest herd immunity rate, on the principle that the vaccine can be distributed wherever it goes, quickly, safely, and effectively.

Thai Nguyen determines to protect the brand of a 'Safe Green Zone'Samsung Cooperation of South Korea is now the biggest FDI investor in Viet Nam. In photo: Samsung Vietnam factory in Thai Nguyen.

Foreign affairs perform a pioneering role

Implementing the Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress, the province continues to promote the pioneering role of foreign affairs, deepen relations with partners, mobilize all resources in terms of investment capital market, science and technology to serve the country's development in the new period.

Right after the resolution of the 20th Provincial Party Congress for the 2020-2025 term was approved, Thai Nguyen leaders have had many meetings and worked with the embassies of other countries to strengthen connections and cooperation, promote the exchange of information, approach and attract the world's major economic groups to invest in the province; proposed to continue supporting the locality in introducing and inviting businesses to invest in the fields of industry, agriculture, education, health care, culture and tourism, helping realize the "bigger goals".

In the context that the world is being heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, many foreign activities have to be suspended or cancelled, Thai Nguyen province still tries to maintain activities, be proactive in implementing plans and flexible to adapt in accordance with the situation.

Therefore, although the external activities in 2020 and 2021 are not many, the province achieved significant results, contributing to the socio-economic development of the province, contributing to raising the status and prestige of the province of Thai Nguyen, and at the same time becoming a vivid example of the development achievements that have been recognized by the domestic and international community.

Among the achievements, one of the highlights is the project "Applying economic theory just enough to sustainable community development" implemented at 2 villages of Dong Xien and Dong Bong in Yen Lac Commune, Phu Luong district.

The project is designed towards community economic development in harmony with the environment, effectively exploiting and promoting local resources for development. The project is implemented by the Thailand International Cooperation Agency (TICA) for a period of 3 years (2019-2021).

Another remarkable achievement is that the attraction of foreign investment in production and business continued to prosper. From the beginning of 2021 to September 15, there have been 12 FDI projects that have been granted new investment certificates with a total registered capital of 87.1 million USD, of which 9 projects are in the industrial manufacturing processing sector, 1 project belongs to the real estate industry and 1 project belongs to the education and training sector.

Accumulated to September 15, 2021, there are 169 valid FDI projects in the province with a total registered capital of 8.7 billion USD (equivalent to about 200 trillion VND).

During a difficult period due to the constant threat of the epidemic, Thai Nguyen also continued to actively mobilize and attract aid sources, especially for the fight against the epidemic. Currently, in the province, there are 57 foreign non-governmental organizations having valid operating licenses. Disbursement in 2020 is estimated at 1.2 million USD.

Sponsored programs and projects have contributed to bringing about socio-economic development, especially contributing to sustainable poverty reduction, improvement and improvement of people's lives.

Regarding political diplomacy, the province continues to maintain friendly cooperative relations with foreign localities that have established cooperative relations with the province through the exchange of Letters between the provincial leaders and the leaders of the localities of the two countries and the mutual support and assistance in the prevention of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Thai Nguyen has supported medical equipment for epidemic prevention and control for Luang Prabang, Laos; directing the People's Committee of Thai Nguyen city to support medical equipment for Noi Giang city, Sichuan, China...

Regarding consular work and citizen and overseas Vietnamese protection in the context of the travel restriction due to the social distancing measures, Thai Nguyen's Department of Foreign Affairs has coordinated with relevant agencies to deal with consular affairs and citizen protection in accordance with law and grant visas and extend temporary residence for foreigners living, working and studying in the province.