Information from leading enterprises needed for business forecast seminar

3/9/2020| 8:02

It is essential to build a website to collect information about Vietnam’s 1,000 leading enterprises to make timely assessments on enterprises' production and operations, experts have said.

A website is soon to be built for collecting information on the economy's top 1,000 enterprises. (Photo: Hoang Nam)

Delegates gathered at a seminar held by the General Statistics Office of Vietnam (GSO) in Hanoi on September 1 to discuss a plan on building the website.

Speaking at the seminar, Nguyen Thi Huong, GSO Director General, said that to serve the fast and effective direction and administration of Government and authorities at all levels, information on the business forecasts of leading enterprises (contributing up to 60% of national GDP), especially large corporations and enterprises, is essential.

Following the trend of promoting IT application in statistics, the construction of the website to collect information about 1,000 leading enterprises is crucial to promptly make judgments and assess the current production and business situations, as well as the future production and business trends of each specific industry, emphasised Huong.

Pham Dinh Thuy, Head of the GSO’s Department of Industry and Construction Statistics, said that the targets expected to be collected are information on production and business activities of the enterprises, covering indicators identifying businesses, their production and business plans and other indicators on labour use, capital investment as well as production and business results.

Thuy also announced that the plan includes online information gathering, using web-form questionnaires to allow enterprises to self-supply information on the website periodically (quarterly).

About 1,000 of the largest enterprises in the economy will be sampled in key economic sectors, depending on each specific industry.

It is expected that the results collected will be announced together with the quarterly socio-economic press conferences held by the GSO.

The information will also be available to the public online on the web portal of the GSO, the website of the Ministry of Planning and Investment and the Government web portal.