Gia Lai stepped steadily on the new journey

12/12/2021| 22:47

Gia Lai has set sights on promoting the province’s sustainable, rapid growth without losing its identity to become a driving force of development in Central Highlands by 2030.

Gia Lai stepped steadily on the new journeyA view of Pham Van Dong Street, Pleiku city, Gia Lai. (Photo: Duc Thuy/Gia LaiNewspaper)

Gia Lai has numerous potentials and advantages in the Central Highlands. It occupies an important position on the East-West corridor with favorable conditions in logistics, international travel with a network of international airports and border checkpoints. Gia Lai is also known for its fertile land, favorable weather and friendly people, with a rich history and unique traditions…

Opportunities and challenges

Implementing the Resolution of the 15th provincial Party Congress 2015-2020 period, aside from opportunities and favorable conditions, Gia Lai also encountered numerous challenges, from climate changes, natural disasters, plagues, low prices on agricultural products that negatively impacted people’s lives. The protection of sovereignty and political security continued to face implicit complexity.

Nevertheless, under the guidance and direction of the Central Government, the provincial Party Committee, the soldiers and people of Gia Lai have taken advantage of opportunities, overcame challenges and difficulties to make achievements on multiple fronts, exceeding the original goals set by the Resolution.

The economy witnessed moderate growth, with an average GRDP growth of 7.83% per year, exceeding the target set by the Resolution. By 2020, Gia Lai’s GRDP had reached 80,990 billion VND, 1.65 times of the number in 2015. In 2020, Gia Lai’s per capita income was 52.54 million VND, increased by 1.5 times in comparison to 2015. The structure of the economy has moved toward a positive direction.

The province focused on investments towards closely connecting areas in the province, the Central Highlands as well as the Central Coast. “Driving” areas of the province were heavily invested in developing in accordance to the Resolution of the provincial Standing Committee to gradually affirm and promote economic developments in other areas.

The network of socio-infrastructures in remote, ethnic minority regions received more investments. The face of the countryside significantly changed, as the material and spiritual lives of the people greatly improved, specifically in the ethnic minority regions. Technical infrastructures near the border were invested, specifically the Economic zone of Le Thanh International Border checkpoint to support Duc Co urban area in becoming another “driving” area of the border districts.

Gia Lai also took the first step in implementing international economic integration.

The province reached out to foreign embassies and consulates stationed in Viet Nam, organized events, established delegates to promote investment domestically and internationally to advertise, introduce the potentials, advantages and favorable conditions of the province to attract more investment.

The province also provided favorable conditions for delegates, companies, and foreign experts visiting and working in the province to seek investment and cooperation.

At the same time, the province extensively provided information on domestic and international markets to local companies, supported them in establishing branding and reputation, as well as seeking to expand their shares in the market, applying e-commerce to their production and sales as well as further their integration into the international economy.

The province also promoted administrative reform, and improved on its competitiveness. Social infrastructures were invested. National, provincial defense and security were safeguarded, with social order ensured. The establishment and improvement of the political system received attention.

Gia Lai stepped steadily on the new journeyBy 2030, Gia Lai will be striving to become a driving force of the Central Highland and play an increasing important role in the Viet Nam - Laos - Cambodia development triangle. (Photo:Gia Lai Newspaper)

17 groups of targets, 4 new focuses

Moving forward into a new era, similar to other provinces, Gia Lai needs to take advantage of opportunities, overcome challenges caused by the deepening and widening international integration, as well as implement the identified directions and strategy for national development. A successful 2020-2025 period is necessary to create a strong premise for upcoming years.

In that context, implementing the Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress, Gia Lai will strive to grow rapidly and sustainably without losing its identity, aiming to become the “driving” area of Central Highlands by 2030 in accordance to the spirit of the 16th provincial Party Congress (2020-2025).

Regarding the guiding principle and its development path, Gia Lai needs to prioritize implementing local development strategies and policies based on the national action plan on green growth as well as planning for the Central Highlands, while ensuring the synchronization and integration with other planning for national sectors and industries.

Moreover, the province also needs to effectively explore the potentials, advantages and further promote international integration, strengthen cooperation with other areas in Central Highlands and the country.

In the upcoming time, Gia Lai will focus on researching to further innovate its growth model, shifting its economic structure in width and in depth. Moreover, the province will emphasize developing high-tech agriculture, food processing, renewable energy and tourism.

Gia Lai will gradually adjust developments between provincial areas harmoniously, focus on sustainable poverty reduction and healthcare, along with decisive measures in preventing and controlling the pandemic.

During the recent 16th provincial Party Congress 2020-2025 period, the overall review of achievements and shortcomings to learn from previous experience was an important premise for Gia Lai to identify new missions and measures for further development in the next 5 years.

As a result, the province has set 17 groups of targets with emphasis on 4 key programs requiring immediate implementation at the beginning of 2020-2025 period, including: (1) Focus on building, improving officials’ capability and authority in light of the upcoming missions; (2) Focus on constructing infrastructures synchronously, especially those in “driving” areas; (3) Promote the attraction of new investment capital in developing agricultural, food processing, renewable energy and tourism; (4) Develop sustainable forestry and increase forest coverages to adapt to climate changes, while improve the livelihoods of the people.

The province will also focus on promoting science-technology and innovation to take advantage of every opportunity for further development, specifically the Fourth industrial revolution and the rising digital economy and society.

Gia Lai will strive to rapidly, sustainably develop an identity by 2025 and become a “driving” area of the Central Highlands by 2030, occupying an important position in the Viet Nam - Laos - Cambodia Development Triangle.

Moreover, to ensure sustainable developments, Gia Lai will also resolutely protect the sovereignty of the national boundaries, maintain friendly relations with neighboring provinces near the Viet Nam - Cambodia border, ensure political security and social order. The province will also resolutely combat bribery, corruption, social crime, especially smuggling between bordering areas.

Nevertheless, at the moment, with a relatively small economy, low competitiveness and modest progress in international economic integration in the context of the COVID-19 complicated situation, Gia Lai’s utmost priorities must be the successful implementation of the “dual-target” - pursuing socio-economic development while keeping the spread of SARS-CoV-2 under control; closing the distance on socio-economic development between provincial areas while ensuring political security and social order.