Cao Bang to promote attractions, investment cooperation in tourism

14/12/2021| 20:58

Located in the Northern midland and Mountainous region of Viet Nam with 333 kilometers of border with China, Cao Bang plays an important role in safeguarding national security and defense and promoting foreign economic relations. The province is gifted with attractive, diversified resource for tourism and considered to be the “Green Pearl” of Northeastern Viet Nam.

Cao Bang to promote attractions, investment cooperation in tourismChairman of Cao Bang provincial People’s Committee Hoang Xuan Anh and the representative of Digne-les-Bainsv city at the signing ceremony on the cooperation related to managing and developing geoparks in 2018.

Recognizing its competitive advantages, Cao Bang has considered tourism to gradually become its leading economic sector through building and implementing special mechanisms and policies on investment attractions, tourism development, in line with the Strategy for Viet Nam’s tourism development toward 2020, vision to 2030 and the Strategy for Viet Nam’s tourism product toward 2025, orientation to 2030.

On such basis, in recent years, the local tourism industry has made major progress and established a steady premise for breakthroughs in the new era. For the 2020-2025 period, the Resolution of the 19th Cao Bang’s Provincial Party Congress declared that developing sustainable tourism and services to be among the three breakthroughs of the province’s socio-economic development.

Cao Bang is proud to be an ancient land with age-old cultural history and magnificent scenery. The province is home to more than 200 cultural heritages, with 96 of those listed (three of those are designated as special National Monuments, two as National Treasures). Cao Bang also has 04 National intangible cultural heritages, recognized by UNESCO to be Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Specifically, with its significant values as cultural, geological, geographical and bio-diversified areas, recognized internationally, the Non Nuoc Cao Bang Geopark was recognized by UNESCO to be a Global Geopark on April 2018. This event has opened up new opportunities, potentials for tourism development. Cao Bang also has many favorable conditions in cultivating specialty crops and promoting its unique cuisine.

In recent years, along with the proactive and decisive provincial leadership, Cao Bang’s investment attraction in tourism has started to thrive. In the 2016-2020 period, Cao Bang attracted investment by allocating resources from the provincial budget to build key infrastructures for tourism, as well as advertising and promoting tourism.

Cao Bang has organized major events to call for and attract tourism investments, notably the Cao Bang investment, trade and tourism promotion conference in November 2018. Moreover, the province has granted investment registration certificates for 14 projects with total registered capital of up to 3,300 billion VND, signed a memorandum of understanding on investment with 16 investors with registered investments of more than 25,200 billion VND, including investments into the tourism and services sector.

The work on tourism promotion has changed significantly. The image of Cao Bang has been promoted through multiple media channels and initially attracted tourists and investors to the province, therefore creating favorable conditions in connecting travelling tours.

In 2019, Cao Bang successfully hosted and organized the International Conference on “Sustainable tourism development through UNESCO global geopark model” with the participation of UNESCO, as well as representatives of global Geopark networks from Europe, Africa, the Asia-Pacific, other global Geoparks such as Tanzania, Iran, Thailand, South Korea... as well as numerous experts and speakers.

At the same time, Non Nuoc Cao Bang Geopark signed cooperation and agreements with other Geoparks in the network such as Haute – Provonce, France (2018) and Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark, Ha Giang, Viet Nam (2019). Such events were highly regarded, domestically and internationally.

Aside from tourism promotion activities, the province has also paid attention to building policies of attracting investments and cooperation generally and in tourism specifically. Improving the investment and business environment to further attract investment in upcoming time, Cao Bang has identified its goals to utilize its internal resources, with an innovative, decisive, determined and responsible manner.

Furthermore, Cao Bang will focus on reforming administrative procedures, along with building and creating new mechanism, policies to ensure the openness, attractiveness and creativity of the province’s business environment, thereby further attracting strategic investors and resources to the province.

Cao Bang to promote attractions, investment cooperation in tourismThe Ban Gioc Waterfall Festival in 2018.

In addition, the province will seek to effectively utilize the provided resources, improve the competitiveness of the provincial economy, expand external cooperation to further establish Cao Bang as a proactive, rapidly and sustainably developing province.

In the tourism sector, Cao Bang will focus on building and effectively implementing policies and mechanism to attract strategic investors to invest in key tourism destinations. The province will also develop ecotourism and community-based tourism with OCOP products and encourage the application of digital technology, cooperate with domestic/international technological companies to further promote Cao Bang tourism.

The province will also design special mechanisms and policies on developing Ban Gioc Waterfall Tourist Area to make it a key tourist destination and a model for cross-border tourism. Ecotourism and smart tourism will become the province’s innovative and unique features, attracting domestic and international tourists.

At the same time, the province will work on the Resolution of the provincial People’s Council on “Supporting the development of community-based tourism toward 2025 in Cao Bang” to create policies on preserving, demonstrating traditional cultural values, improving social awareness and behaviors in preserving and protecting the environment in tourism, along with supporting local people to directly participate in developing community-based tourism, currently one of the strong points of the local tourism.

At the moment, Cao Bang is at the initial stage of the development cycle of a must-see destination. The province's magnificent scenery and gorgeous culture are ideal for tourists. To accomplish the goals of receiving 3 million tourists per year by 2025, with 2.5 million of those domestic tourists and generating up to 1,400 billion VND in revenue, the provincial Party Committee and government will continue to focus on enacting special mechanisms, policies to further attract investment, develop sustainable and comprehensive tourism associated with preserving local cultural values and knowledge, therefore benefitting the local communities.

Last but not least, Cao Bang is determined to establish firm reputation for its tourism on domestic and international markets.