Co Loa Citadel - ideal destination for tourists

27/4/2020| 10:40

Co Loa Citadel, about 20 km to the north of today’s Hanoi, is not only a lively evidence of the ancient Vietnamese people’s tradition in their struggle against invaders to defend the country, but also an ideal destination for tourists.

Covering nearly 500ha, the citadel is a place of worship for King An Duong Vuong and Princess My Chau. In photo: The An Duong Vuong Temple was built in 1687 during the reign of King Le Hy Tong and was repaired in 1689, often called Thuong temple.

Trong Thuy - My Chau Well is located in front of An Duong Vuong Temple (Photo: VNA)

The main gate of An Duong Vuong temple retains almost all the ancient architectural features (Photo: VNA)

The ancient architectural features in the Co Loa Citadel relic site (Photo: VNA)

he statue of General Cao Lo, a good general under King Thuc Phan who created Lien Chau crossbow (a type of crossbow that fires multiple arrows at the same time) (Photo: VNA)

Dragon's eyes consist of 2 small round wells, located on the sides of the main door outside An Duong Vuong temple (Photo: VNA)

My Chau princess’ worshipping place (Photo: VNA)

Visitors to Co Loa citadel (Photo: VNA)

Archaeologists have excavated many precious artifacts of the ancient Vietnamese people in Co Loa citadel relic site (Photo: VNA)

Decorative bricks made of terracotta material were found in Thuong temple, dating from the Le dynasty, 17th and 18th centuries (Photo: VNA)

White enamel, ceramic object excavated in Thuong temple, dating from the Tran dynasty (Photo: VNA)
Lien Chau crossbow reconstruction model (Photo: VNA)