Peaceful beauty of Hue as seen through lens of foreigner photographers

24/5/2021| 9:35

Located in the centre of the country, Hue is one of the nation’s most popular tourist attractions with plenty of scenic beauty being captured through the lens of international photographers.

Huong (Perfume) River as seen at sunset (Photo: David Duffy/

The gorgeous Truong Tien Bridge during the afternoon (Photo: David Duffy/

The majestic scene in front of Hien Nhon gate (Photo: Ravi Putcha/

The ancient beauty of Hue royal citadel is magnificently captured by a foreign photographer. (Photo: Julia Elisabeth/

Fishermen cast out their nets in Hue city. (Photo: Julia Elisabeth/

The pristine ancient architecture found inside Hue royal citadel (Photo: Olivier Sylvain/

The Kien Trung Palace inside of Hue royal citadel (Photo: Paul Lynch/

The ancient beauty of the entrance to Minh Lau pavilion in Hue royal citadel (Photo: Paul Lynch/