A special meeting of teacher's party cell in Vientiane, Laos

26/12/2020| 11:50

The meeting was special cause it would be unforgettable to me and other members of our Party cell.


A special meeting of teacher's party cell in Vientiane, LaosThe meeting was special cause it would be unforgettable to me and other members of our Party cell.


In the first days away from the hometown and the homeland, everything from culture to workplace was new to us. Viet Nam and Laos have similarities in both culture and politics. The relationship between the two countries is also the relationship between the two Parties and the two Governments. That special partnership was built on the ideology of the President Ho Chi Minh and comrade Kaysone Phomvihane, becoming an inseparable relation during the years when the two countries stood side by side in the revolution of national liberation and unification.

During the Doi Moi period, it becomes a "forever green, everlasting, and sustainable" relationship as said by consecutive generations of leaders of the two countries.

With the special care from the Party Committee in Laos, our teacher party cell was established from the very first days when we arrived. We still remember when we attended the first metting of the Party Committee, we was welcomed and encouraged by the senior members and that made our first meeting impressive and unforgettable. It was at that meeting that we got the approval to establish the party cell of the Vietnamese teachers in Laos.

During that meeting, the senior member in the Party Committee talked about the difficulties and advantages of Party activities in Laos so that we could perceive the importance and tasks of the Party organization in a foreign country. Each of us came from different places and would go back to even remote and border areas.

The meeting came up with suggestion and proposal for comrades who were assigned to work in remote or border areas with difficulty in traveling, could not meet their comrades and had to operate independently. Although we live and work far apart, we always stand together and help each other fulfill the tasks entrusted by the Party and the State.

The trust of the leaders of the Party Committee in Laos has become the driving force for us to overcome difficulties and challenges, maintain our political courage, and be proud of being a member of the Communist Party. When working with partners in Laos, we often keep in mind that we are Party members. Through meeting with the full-time comrades of the Party Committee in Laos, we become more mature and more confident in the assigned tasks. The comrades have provided us with a strong belief that has become a guideline for us to be steadfast in our work in Laos.

A special meeting of teacher's party cell in Vientiane, LaosVietnamese Ambassador to Laos Nguyen Ba Hung handed over 50 million kip to the Lao Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare to support the country’s flood-hit victims.


Time has passed, our term is going to finish. All of us came back from various provinces of Laos to reunite in the capital Vientiane, to meet again after a long time of online activities. The special event was thoughtfully planned and made us feel close to each other like before.

We would like to say many words of gratitude from the bottom of our heart about the time working in the country of blooming Cham Pa flowers. The comrades have renewed the fire in the hearts of the young party members. Saying goodbye always makes everyone feel sad, however, we are very proud of having fulfilled the international duties of the Communist Party member to preserve the special the cooperative relationship between Viet Nam and Laos.

Back from Laos, we all have new mission, new job and new tasks. After finishing each mission, we have matured, we have become more confident. Even though we are far apart, we always remember the saying "we are together forever" of comrades in the Party Committee in Laos. We promise ourselves, no matter where we work, no matter what we do we will always try to improve our knowledge, recognize our own limitations to perfect ourselves and forever living up to the name of member of the glorious Communist Party of Viet Nam.

Nguyen Van Thang