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Wednesday, 08/07/2020 | 10:49:53 GMT+7
Weekly Events

Following are the main events of the week: Meeting of Government Standing Committee on Covid-19 fighting; Building a social security system covers all people and matches international standards ; 15 persons among total 16 cases of Covid-19 infection across Vietnam recovered ...

25/02/2020 14:44:00

Meeting of Government Standing Committee on Covid-19 fighting

The Government of Vietnam held a meeting on February 17 in Hanoi to discuss measures fighting against the accused respiratory disease caused by novel coronavirus (Covid-19)
Vietnam is doing very well in the fight against Covid-19 epidemic, including the repatriation of its citizens and the successful researches on coronavirus which are highly appreciated by the local and international community, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc affirmed.
The PM hailed the effective efforts by localities and relevant authorities in the fight and highlighted that Vietnam is home to a safe and attractive environment for tourism, business and living. The ministries and authorities must take measures to ensure the people’s travel, production, business, and, at the same time, safety, the leader ordered.


Weekly Events - 1

Meeting of Government Standing Committee on Covid-19 fighting

In the fight against Covid-19, PM requested the people in whole nation to support each other to overcome the difficulties, to make no discrimination and to assist international friends by our Vietnamese hospitality. The PM further said the country is a safe destination not only thanks to very effective efforts against the epidemic, but also for the warmth of the nature and the people.

He specifically affirmed the determination by the government and localities for stronger activities so as to reach the socio-economic goals and targets set for 2020, despite of the ravaging epidemic.Calling on investors and businessmen to stay consistent with their plans, PM Phuc said that the government will ensure the best environment for the business and the living of the people and investors coming to Vietnam. The government will introduce proper scenarios of economic growth and suitable policies to promote the business and production.

He called on the people to place their trust on and support to the government in the fight, the authorities at all level to give priority to curb and control the disease. The PM ordered relevant authorities to deal with in a serious and timely way the spread of fake information and wrongful rumor causing worries in the public on the epidemic.

Building a social security system covers all people and matches international standards 

Vietnam Social Security (VSS) held a teleconference reviewing 25-year implementation of the social & health insurance policies with the presence of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc.
Speaking at the conference, PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc highlighted VSS’s role as the main pillar in the social security system over the last 25 years but it still needs to further expand the coverage of social insurance. Given this, Vietnam has basically achieved the target of health insurance for all ahead of schedule, the PM said, adding that it took some developed nations 40 – 80 years to attain universal health insurance coverage.

As of the end of 2019, social insurance had covered nearly 16 million people, equivalent to 32.3 percent of the workforce, and health insurance, nearly 86 million people or 90 percent of the country’s population. He pointed out that as only one-third of laborers nationwide have taken part in social insurance, the target is still far away. Stronger efforts are needed to raise the social insurance coverage to 35 percent in 2021 and 45 percent in 2025 as targeted in Resolution 28 of the Party Central Committee.

At the meeting, PM Phuc requested regular overhauling of social and health insurance policies and laws in line with international practices, stronger administrative procedure reforms, completion of the national database on insurance, better connection and information sharing among ministries and sectors, and processing of administrative procedures on the National E-Document Exchange Platform to help build an e-Government.

Caring for people’s life, health and prosperity is the responsibility of the Party and State, and it is necessary to have a social security system that covers all people and matches international standards. To that end, social insurance coverage must be expanded, he emphasized.

Also at the conference, VSS launched a patriotic emulation movement in 2020 under the theme of "Civil servants and employees of the social insurance industry raise the spirit of solidarity and responsibility; strive to successfully complete the mission in 2020”.

National Energy Development Strategy of Vietnam by 2030

The Strategy aims to ensure national energy security, supply stable and sufficient energy with high quality and appropriate price to serve as a foundation for sustainable and dynamic socio-economic growth.

The Politburo has approved Resolution No. 55-NQ/TW which sets directions for Vietnam’s national energy development strategy by 2030, vision to 2045

Energy supply basically meets demand of socio-economic development

After 25 years of implementing the directions of Politburo on energy development, the energy sector, in general, and the electricity sector, in particular, has made progress comprehensively in many fields and met a number of particular targets.

Weekly Events - 2

Energy supply, especially electricity, basically meets the demand of the socio-economic development. Oil and gas exploitation and petrochemical industry are strongly developed; the output of oil and gas exploitation increased. The nation has invested in building many large-scale coal mines projects; The hydro power is developing rapidly while the wind and solar power have been developing at high speed recently. The investment in infrastructure building power supply infrastructure has developed drastically. The national grid brought electricity to almost every part of the country.

However, according to the Politburo, Vietnam is still facing challenges in meeting national energy security targets and still has to import energy due to insufficient domestic supplies. Many power projects have been delayed and several projects invested by State-owned enterprises have incurred losses while the efficiency of energy exploitation remains low.

Firmly ensure the national energy security 

The strategy will prioritize rapid and sustainable energy development along with environmental protection and national security safeguarding. It also aims to diversify sources of energy and effectively use renewable, clean and new energy sources. Vietnam will prioritize wind and solar power and encourage investment in power plants using urban waste, biomass and solid waste in parallel with environmental protection and the circular economy.

The Politburo has also urged for the use of technology in the energy sector, looking towards a future in which Vietnam will be able to manufacture most energy-producing and using devices. According to the strategy, the country will build a smart and effective power network connected to the region. By 2030, Vietnam will be among three ASEAN countries with the highest access-to-electricity index. Local oil refinery facilities are expected to meet 70 percent of domestic demand.

According to the resolution, the proportion of renewable energy should account for 15 to 20 percent of total power output by 2030 and 25 to 30 percent by 2045. The Politburo has set saving energy and protecting the environment as the core policy. By 2030, the energy-saving level is set to make up for 7 percent of total power consumption and about 14 percent by 2045.

To realize those targets, the Politburo will encourage all economic sectors, especially private businesses, to invest in energy projects. It asked for creating a transparent environment and removing all barriers to attract and encourage the private sector to invest in domestic and foreign energy projects. It is necessary to speed up oil and gas exploration activities to increase reserves and production. The Politburo has called for the development of a new coal strategy to make effective investment overseas.

15 persons among total 16 cases of Covid-19 infection across Vietnam recovered 

Vietnamese doctors have successfully treated 15 Covid-19 infected patients, another case is still receiving medical treatment in Vinh Phuc province.

Weekly Events - 3
Two Covid-19 patients recovered and discharged from district-level Binh Xuyen general clinic (Photo: Hoang Hung/VNA)

According to Ministry of Health, by February 22, Vietnam has recorded total 16 cases infected the accused respiratory disease caused by a novel coronavirus (Covid-19), among them, 15 have been successfully treated and recovered; 12 persons are in quarantine for medical checking; the total accumulated samples being tested for coronavirus are 1,251. There are no new cases reported since February 13.

In the world by February 22, there were 77,903 Covid-19 infection cases reported in 32 countries and territories, 2,361 deaths (China: 2,345, Diamond Princess cruise ship: 02, South Korea: 02, Japan: 01, Hong Kong (China): 02, Taiwan (China): 01, France: 01, Iran: 04, Italia: 02, the Philippines: 01)

In China only, 76,291 cases of infections Covid-19 reported at 31/31 provinces and cities of the nation, making up 97.93% of the total number in the world; another 1,612 cases of infections reported out of China.

In the past days, the workforce team of Ministry of Health, under the National Steering Committee on Covid-19 fighting, continued to support the localities to control the disease, quarantined and provided medical treatment to the patient in Vinh Phuc province.


Meeting of National Steering Committee on fighting Covid-19

Weekly Events - 4

National Steering Committee on fighting Covid-19 meets in the morning of February 19

According to representative from Ministry of Health, so far, Vietnam has been well controlling the epidemic of the acute respiratory disease caused by a novel coronavirus (Covid-19). By the time of the meeting, Vietnam has successfully treated 14 infection cases, and still have 34 suspected cases among 1,538 persons in quarantine. Medical establishments in the district, provincial and central levels in the country are able to successfully treat infection cases. 

The health sector has been strictly supervising the epidemic at border gates, at public areas and isolated areas to respond timely to any inspected cases. Since the detection of the latest case on February 13, the country has by now found no new ones.

However, holding that the epidemic may develop in a complicated manner in foreign countries, the committee stressed the need to persist and well implement the medical review and quarantine. Besides, it also asked scientists to soon work out the course to cure the disease and further efforts should be exerted in the fight against Covid-19 so as to well control the epidemic for socio-economic stabilization and development.

The committee requested Ministry of Information and Communications to make propaganda to help the public fully understand that tourism in Vietnam is safe; Ministry of Education to prepare well for pupils to come back schools; and Ministry of Health to make sure to quarantine any Covid-19 newly infected cases if being found.  

Members of the committee agreed on a number of issues relating to the reception of foreign workers back to Vietnam; controlling border gates, border lines; checking immigration; supervising health condition and quarantine. They also asked relevant authorities to complete the procedures to recognise some localities as eligible to pronounce the end of the epidemic. (Review)