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Thursday, 09/07/2020 | 08:53:33 GMT+7

The largest study of the genome of the Vietnamese made public and the rate of graduation of high school students reaches 94.06% are the most outstanding information in the week.

19/07/2019 16:07:00

Hanoi celebrates 20th anniversary of “A City for Peace”

The title of “A City for Peace” conferred by UNESCO upon Hanoi on July 16, 1999 in La Paz, capital of Bolivia, is a great honor for Hanoi as this is the only city in the Asia-Pacific region that won this title.


Representatives of Hanoi City and UNESCO join the release of doves, expressing the aspiration for peace and prosperity

“As I see it, all through these 2 decades, Hanoi has constantly striven to develop so as to deserve this title” – said Michael Crofft, Chief representative of Vietnam-based UNESCO Office.

Basically, Hanoi capital has overcome the war aftermaths for development, becoming an important political, economic and cultural center of the country. The international community is very much impressed at the changes for the better of Hanoi, creating a new image of a post-wat Hanoi.

Hanoi is also a dynamic city with a lot of traditional features having been maintained. On this occasion, a webpage of “Hanoi – A City of Innovation” was launched./.


IMF predicts Vietnam’s economic growth rate at 6.5% in 2019

IMF has just forecast that Vietnam’s economic growth rate  in 2019 will be put at 6.5% and this rate will be maintained until 2024.


(Photo: Illustraition on the internet)

IMF predicts that Vietnam’s inflation will be slightly increased to 3.6% in 2019 and 3.8% in 2020, but the Government’s target of 4% will be maintained.

In its report on July 1, 2019, World Bank also observed that Vietnam’s economic growth is a bit slower than planned due to the outside disadvantageous elements. Is predicts that Vietnam’s economic growth rate in 2019 will be down at 6.6%.

IMF has highly appreciated the Vietnamese Government’s cautious evaluation and welcomes the stability of the macro economy and the priority given to the development of the private economic sector.

IMF also calls on Vietnam to continue its economic reform so as to reduce the barriers being in existence in the investment area and create favorable conditions for investors’ better access to credit and capital./.


High school graduation rate nationwide stands at 94.06%

The Ministry of Education and Training has just announced the results of the nationwide high school graduation. It is 94.06%, a 3.51% decrease as against that in 2018.


The graduation results are different in localities

The results have reflected in a true sense of the word the teaching quality in   different localities. Where the social and economic conditions are more favorable, there is a higher graduation rate.

Among the localities having a higher graduation rate, Nam Dinh Province ranks top of the list with a rate of 98.57%./.


Biggest study of genome of Vietnamese people made public with a lot of surprises

A study of the genome of the Vietnamese that has just been made public shows that the genome of the Vietnamese is different from the one of other human populations.


(Photo: Illustraition on the internet)

The world prestigious gene magazine Human Mutation (IF 4,5) has just made public its research of the genome of the Vietnamese. This is the first date base of the genome of the Vietnamese with the explanation from the genome of 305 King people (who make up the majority of the population of the Vietnamese). About one third of the number of genetic modification of the King people do not see any appearance in the population of the Han Chinese, the indigenous people of China.

This is the biggest data of the genome of the Vietnamese ever found so far./.


“The Quintessence of Tonkin” play wins international award in South Korea

The Quintessence of Tonkin” play of the Tuan Chau group has been honored as the top cultural performance in 2019 at the Best Hotel & Resort Awards 2019 in Seoul Capital of South Korea.


With the first scene of Vietnam, “The Quintessence of Tonkin” is honored as being the top cultural performance 2019

“The Quintessence of Tonkin” play is performed in the real scene in Sai Son, Quoc Oai, Hanoi and wins the international awards and it is voted by CNN as the must-see play when you come to Hanoi.

The Award given to the play recently in South Korea has once more affirmed its pioneer in the real performance with the real scenes. “The Quintessence of Tonkin” has become a specialty of tourism of Hanoi./.


Vietnam wins 3 gold medals at Physics International Olympiad 2019

The Physics International Olympiad 2019 was organized in Israel on July 7-15, 2019 with the participation of 360 students from 78 countries and territories.


With 3 gold medals and 2 silver medals at the Physics International Olympiad held in Israel, the Vietnamese competitors rank the 4th

There are 5 Vietnamese competitors at the Physics International Olympiad 2019, three of them win gold medals, and the rest wins 2 silver medals.

According to the number of gold medals, the Vietnamese students rank the 4th, after China, South Korea (5 gold medals) and Russia (4 gold medals).

The awards of the Vietnamese students this year continue to affirm the high school educational quality. 

In another event at the International Mathematics Competition WMI 2019 in Japan, all 32 Vietnamese junior secondary school students have won the prizes, in which 3 of them have won the Diamond Prize.

Besides, the Vietnamese students have won 9 gold prizes, 8 silver prizes, 9 bronze prizes and 3 consolation prizes.

All these students are selected from the junior secondary schools of Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi capital city, Vietnam./.