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Sunday, 25/08/2019 | 22:08:51 GMT+7

A wholesome and safe Tet must be ensured for people, the “Spring Homeland 2019” program spreads with the national unity, are among the most prominent information in the week.

02/02/2019 07:01:00

Spring Homeland 2019 Program spreads national unity

On the night of January 26, 2019, the State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese (Foreign Ministry) organized in coordination with the People’s Committee of Hanoi City and relevant ministries and sectors a “Spring Homeland 2019” Program.


General Secretary cum President Nguyen Phu Trong and his spouse together with a lot of overseas Vietnamese attend “Spring Homeland 2019”

Around 1,000 overseas Vietnamese from over 60 countries and territories representing over 4.5 million Vietnamese living, working and studying worldwide have returned to the homeland to enjoy Ky Hoi Tet 2019 (the Year of the Pig).

Earlier on the afternoon of the same day, General Secretary cum President Nguyen Phu Trong and his spouse together with the overseas Vietnamese coming home for this Tet to attend the “Spring Homeland 2019” Program released carps into Hoan Kiem Lake because according to the tradition of the Vietnamese nation, on the 23rd of Lunar December every year, carps are released into a lake for a lucky, peaceful and prosperous year.

On this occasion, General Secretary cum President Nguyen Phu Trong sent the best wishes to these dear sons and daughters of the fatherland of Vietnam who are living, working and studying in foreign countries.

He was also glad to keep the overseas Vietnamese informed of a successful year in all fields in the country. The good results last year have seen the precious and important contributions of the Vietnamese communities abroad, he stressed. /.


Government holds regular meeting in January 2019

The Government’s regular meeting was held on January 31, 2019 to review the work done and proposed to organize good services of Tet days for the people nationwide, particularly those in the remote, mountainous areas.


(Photo: Illustration on the internet)

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc requested that the Tet goods must be ensured enough for the people to enjoy Tet, particularly for the people in the remote, mountainous people, for those having been hard hit by the natural disasters. “Not any people will go without Tet”, he stressed.

In January 2019, the macro economic situation has been kept stable. CPI has increased only by 0.1%; interest rate and exchange rate are stable. The State Bank has bought over USD 4 billion for foreign currency reserve; the production index of the entire industrial sector has seen a nearly 8% increase against 2018 and the service revenue has increased by 12.2%.

Having assessed the social and economic situation in the first month of 2019, the Prime Minister said that there is positive trend in development and investment with good signs of growth rate. This is the great opportunity for industries and localities, so great attention should be paid to implementing the set targets and tasks and regular examinations and reviews be needed./.

Two senior officers of Public Security and Army appointed General

On the morning of January 29, 2019, two senior officers of Public Security and Army were appointed General at the Presidential Palace in accordance with the Decision of of the State President.


General Secretary cum President Nguyen Phu Tong hands over the Decision on promotion of General to Minister of Public Security To Lam and to Chairman of the General Political Department of the People’s Army of Vietnam Luong Cuong

General Secretary cum President Nguyen Phu Trong, Secretary of the Army Party Committee and Chairman of the Defense and Security Council, chaired the event.

At the ceremony, General Secretary cum President Nguyen Phu Trong handed over the Decision on promotion of General to Minister of Public Security To Lam and to Chairman of the General Political Department of the People’s Army of Vietnam Luong Cuong.

On behalf of the leaders of the Party and State, General Secretary cum President Nguyen Phu Trong extended his best wishes to the two new generals and affirmed the confidence and profound concern of the Party and State to the armed forces./.


Happy signal from CPI in January 2019

In spite of high demand of consumption in the month close to Tet days (the Year of the Pig), CPI in January 2019 has seen slight increase of 0.1% as against the previous month and this together with the positive macroeconomic index can be served as the happy signal in the first days of the new year.


(Photo: Illustration on the internet)

In January 2019, CPI has seen only a slight increase of 0.1%. So there is no intensity and price hike as in the previous years. It is foreseen that the goods price will increase slightly in 2019, particularly the electricity price, that will make impacts on the market price and inflation of the whole year. This does not mention the fact that in Vietnam, there is always the factor of inflation expectations. So, it is necessary for us to take precaution measures in operating the market price, including the operation of the monetary and fiscal policy in a smooth and rhythmic manner. On the other hand, it needs to have a reasonable scenario in the open and transparent principle so as to be able to stabilize macro economy, especially exchange rate and interest rate to avoid creating the relatively high inflation expectations in Vietnam./.


FDI enterprises pour USD 805 million into Vietnam only in 20 days

As of January 20, 2019, there are 226 licensed FDI projects with the total registered investment capital standing at USD 805 million, a 36.1% in the number of projects and an 81.9% in the registered capital year on year.


(Photo: Illustration on the internet)

According to the latest report of the General Department of Logistics, about 72 FDI projects licensed in the previous years have registered to adjust their investment capital with an increase of USD 340.3 million, a y.o.y 25.5% decrease.

As a result, the total newly registered capital and added capital are estimated at USD           1.115 billion, a y.o.y 9.2 increase.

The FDI capital implemented in January 2019 is estimated at USD 1.55 million as compared to January 2018.

FDI capital is mainly poured into the processing and manufacturing industries with the registered capital standing at USD 591 million, accounting for 73.4% of the newly registered capital.

Standing second is the transport and warehouse sectors with USD 65.3 million, accounting for 8.1%. Ranking the third is the water supply sector with USD 59.2 million, accounting for 7.4%.

All told, in January 2019, FDI capital is put at USD 915.7 million, accounting for 80% of the total registered capital.

In terms of newly licensed foreign investors, China ranks first with USDn 221.6 million, occupying 27.5% of the newly registered capital. Japan is the runner-up with 215.7 million, accounting for 26.8%./.


H’Hen Nie is “timeless beauty” in 2018

For the first time, Vietnam has a representative who is honored in the “Timeless Beauty” list organized by Missosology.


H’Hen Nie took the lead on the night of January 28 with 4,576 points in the voting

According to Missosology, H.Hen Nie was elected as having got the “Timeless Beauty” in the beauty contest.

“Timeless Beauty” is the annual voting organized by Missosology, a specialized organization of beauty. In this contest, H’Hen Nie was listed among Top 10 Miss Grand Slam voted by the Global Beauties./.