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The 30th diplomatic conference and the 14th session of the Central Anti-Corruption Steering Board are among the most outstanding information in the week.

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General Secretary: It is necessary to renew thinking in foreign affairs

The 30th Diplomatic Conference themed “Vietnam Diplomacy: Proactiveness, Creativity, Efficiency and Successful Implementation of Resolution of 12th Party Congress” was opened in Hanoi on August 13, 2018.


General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong meets delegates to 30th Diplomatic Conference


Attending the Conference was General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong, together with President Tran Dai Quang, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Chairwoman of the National Assembly Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan and Political Bureau member, Permanent member of the Secretariat Tran Quoc Vuong.

Speaking at the opening meeting, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh pointed out that the 30th Diplomatic Conference happened at the very important time. This is the opportunity to review the work done at mid-term in implementation of the diplomatic line of the 12th Party Congress and the economic and social development plan in the 2016-2010 stage.

He said that the diplomatic sector is persistent in the principle and goal; proactive and flexible in implementation, resulting in recording a lot of important achievements, thus making a contribution to protecting independence, sovereignty and territories and maintaining the environment of peace and stability for development.

On behalf of the Party and State, General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong commended, hailed and thanked the great contributions of significance of the contingent of the diplomats in general and of the diplomatic sector in particular.

“With the efforts of the political system, our foreign relations in the past 3 years, especially in 2017, have recorded a lot of important achievements, becoming the bright spot in maintaining and consolidating the environment of peace and stability, facilitating the national building and defense, giving practical services to the economic development, particularly the foreign relations economy” – the General Secretary stressed.

Up to now, there have been 71 countries recognizing Vietnam as having a market economy and Vietnam has signed 13 free trade agreements so far, 10 of which have been put into effect.

The foreign relations have helped lift Vietnam’s position in the international arena. Vietnam has now established the strategic partnerships with 16 countries, comprehensive partnerships with 11 countries and the special strategic partnership with Laos and Cambodia; pushed ahead the all-sided international integration and continued to promote its active role at the regional and global institutions.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and Chairwoman of the National Assembly Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan also spoke at the Conference.

The Conference has concluded on August 17, 2018./.


14th Session of Central Anti-Corruption Steering Board

The 14th session of the Central Anti-Corruption Steering Board was h eld on August 16, 2018. General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong, Chief of the Board, chaired the meeting.


General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong chairs the session


The session aimed to review and assess the work done since its establishment (February 1, 2013) and the first 7 months of 2018 and work out the key task for the time to come and for the year-end months.

As reported, in the past 5 years, there are 68 cases, 57 cases of which are the serious corruption, economic cases. Until today, 40 cases of first instance have been tried with 500 culprits with serious sentences.

General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong speaking at the session stressed that in general in the past 5 years, the anti-corruption work has seen a lot of tremendous changes, particularly in the past two years. Corruption has been reined in, stopped and pushed back, thus making a contribution to promote the social and economic development, consolidate the confidence of cadres, party members and people, creating positive and spill-over effect in society.

On this impetus, it is necessary to promote further and do well the anti-corruption, even though it is still a hard and complicated work. Persistence and determination are much needed to have high efficiency in the fight against corruption, he further stressed./.


Moody Upgrades Vietnam’s Ratings

Moody’s Investors Service on August 10, 2018 upgraded the Government of Vietnam’s long-term issuer to Ba3 level from B1 and at the same time, adjusted the prospect of Vietnam’s prestige to “stability” from “positiveness”.


(Photo: Illustraition on the internet)


Moody’s upgrading this time is based on the potential of vigorous growth of Vietnam’s economy with the ever more effective use of the sources of labor and capital in the economy.

On the other hand, this rating also shows Vietnam’s improvement of the health of the banking system. On August 14, Moody’s Investors Service upgraded the 14 commercial banks of Vietnam.

In early May, the Fitch Ratings raised one rating for the long-term issuer to BB with the prospect of “stability” from the BB- level./.


100 young Vietnamese intellectuals from abroad invited to come  home help innovation and creativity

Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Chi Dung on August 10, 2018 declared at a press conference that 100 Vietnamese intellectuals from abroad are to be invited back home to work and have interaction with ministries and enterprises at home with the aim of promoting innovation and creativity and industrial revolution 4.0 in Vietnam.


Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Chi Dung


According to the program, from August 18 to August 24, 2018, 100 young Vietnamese intellectuals operating in the scientific and technological areas in foreign countries will be back to Vietnam.

These are the well-trained intellectuals with their own achievements. They have studied in the world top countries and are now working in the information, biological and manufacturing technologies with automation and robotic application.

As planned, these young intellectuals will have the meetings with the Party and State leaders and have a dialogue with Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc. They will also have the meetings with the concerned ministries and sectors to share experience and vision of science, technologies and industrial revolution 4.0.

They will also visit a number of enterprises such as Viettel, CMC, Vingroup, VNPT, among others. They will have interactions with Vietnamese experts in research areas, at the research institutes and visit and work with Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh Cities./.


Two photographers of Vietnam win Gold Medal at International Photo Contest

Dan Tan Phat and Le Duc Toai photographers of Vietnam have won the Gold Medal at the International Photo Contest named the “3rd Grand M.S.M Circuit 2018).


The photo “Thunderstorm” by Le Duc Toai


The photo named “The Floating Fishing Village” by Dao Tan Phat wins FIAP Gold Medal for the photo travel section and Le Duc Toai wins FSS Gold Medal with his photo titled “Thunderstorm” for the monochrome section.

On the other hand, Dao Tan Phat is also presented with the certificate of honor with the photo titled “Rhino-Rat-Snake” in the natural photo section.

The photo contest is organized by Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro in coordination with FIAP, PSA and FSS.

This contest has attracted the participation of 378 photographers from 56 countries and territories worldwide with the items: color photos, monochrome photos and natural and tourism photos./.


18th Vietnam-China Youth Meet organized

The 18th Vietnam-China Youth Meet 2018 was opened in Hanoi on August 14, 2018.


Young delegates of Vietnam and China together enjoys watching the opening ceremony


Speaking at the opening ceremony, Secretary of the Central Committee of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Bui Quang Huy stressed that the Vietnam-China Youth Meet this time is an occasion for the young people of the two countries to exchange information on the situation of the youth in the two countries and share experience in the Youth Unions work and the youth and young pioneers movement in each country.

Through this meeting, the Chinese young people can have more chances to get insight into the land and people of Vietnam, a peace-loving nation and the good comrades and friends. It is hoped that the young people of the two countries with heart-felt sentiment and profound trust in each other will continue to play their role as the bridge of friendship, making active and responsible contributions to the ever much better development of the friendly relationship of the youth and people of Vietnam and China.

All the main activities will happen in Hanoi, Ninh Binh, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City./.


Hoang Anh Gia Lai-Thaco Cooperation – An encouraging signal for agriculture

A ceremony to launch the strategic cooperation between Hoang Anh Gia Lai Company (HAGL) and Truong Hai Auto Company (THaco) has been recently held. Thaco will contribute a large sum of VND 22,000 billion (around USD 1 billion) to invest in HAGL.


Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc attends the ceremony to launch the strategic cooperation between Hoang Anh Gia Lai and Truong Hai


In early 2018, Hoang Anh Gia Lai was in difficulties due to the shortage of capital for growing fruit trees, whereas there was a due debt, Thaco came to its rescue. Thaco made visits to the farms in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam and after that Thaco decided to make investments in agriculture in Indochina and rea estate in Myanmar.

Attending the cooperation ceremony, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc said that that strategic cooperation between Thaco and HAGL is quite a good match and believed that this cooperation helps change the old thinking and it is hoped that agriculture will succeed brilliantly if high tech is to be applied with the methodical strategy./.


First Vietnam puppetry art festival opens

The first Vietnam Puppetry Art Festival was officially opened in Ho Chi Minh City on Auguest 16, 2018. This is for the first time, the folk culture of the North was performed in the open on the walking street Nguyen Hue.


(Photo: Illustraition on the internet)


The opening puppetry item was called “The Rural Soul” performed by the artists of the Vietnam Puppetry Troupe. The spectators were moved at the performance as it breathed the contemporary art into the traditional puppetry.

The Festival happened from August 16 to August 18, 2018 with the participation of 6 puppetry theatres nationwide. A lot of forms of puppetry are to be performed in three nights.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Vice Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Vuong Duy Bien said that the Vietnam puppetry has both the traditional and the integration characters. Hopefully, the Festival will be organized on the annual basis so as to create the brand name for the walking street Nguyen Hue./.