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National conference on anti-corruption work; thunderstruck rain and flash flood in Northern mountainous regions and over 900,000 high school students sit for national high examinations are among the most prominent information in the week.

30/06/2018 07:23:00

National conference Anti-Corruption work

The top leaders of the Party and State were present at the national conference on anti-corruption work organized in Hanoi on June 25, 2018.


General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong says there are initial results in the work, but a lot of difficulties are still lying ahead with pressure from all sides

Speaking at the opening meeting, General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong said that this conference would review the work done in the past 5 years in the combat against corruption, a domestic enemy.

There are serious economic corruption cases that have caught attention from public opinion, and as the General Secretary further noted, there are no restricted area, no exception and no exclusive rights, no matter who they are.

According to the information from the conference, there are 50 cadres under the Central management, including 9 members of the Party Central Committee, having disciplined, 1 member of the Party Central Committee – former Politburo member, was expelled from the Party.

The Party Secretariat organized the national conference on June 29, 2018 for the study, thorough grasping and implementation of the Resolutions of the 7th Plenum of the Party, 12th tenure on the personnel work, salary reform and reform of social insurance policy./.


Vietnam establishes official diplomatic relationship with Saint Lucia

The two sides have unanimously agreed to establish the Ambassadorial-level diplomatic relationship and apply the 1961 Vienna Convention on the Diplomatic Relationship.


Ambassador of Vietnam at the UN Nguyen Phuong Nga and Mr. Cosmos Richardson, Ambassador of Lucia at the UN have signed the Joint Communique on establishing diplomatic relationship between the two countries

On June 26, 2018, at the Office of the UN Permanent Mission of Vietnam, New York, US, Ms Nguyen Phuong Nga, Ambassador and Chief of the Permanent Representative mission of Vietnam, on behalf of the Vietnamese Government, and Mr. Cosmos Richardson, Ambassador and Chief of the Permanent Representative Mission of Saint Lucia at the UN, on behalf of the Government of Saint Lucia, signed the “Joint Communique on the establishment of diplomatic relationship between the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and Saint Lucia”.

This event manifests the open foreign policy of Vietnam on diversification and multilateralization of international relations. It also reflects Vietnam’s attachment of importance to developing its relations with the Latin American countries.


Thunderstruck rains and flash flood in Northwestern region

Abnormal rains and flash floods in the mountainous provinces in the North have resulted in killing 23 people with the total property loss being estimated at VND 460 billion.


 On June 23 to 26 of 2018, heavy rains and flash floods have caused heavy losses in human lives and property of the local people

The heavy rains and flash floods have killed 23 people (Lai Chau, 16; Ha Giang, 5; Quang Ninh, 1 and Lao Cai, 1. 10 people are still missing.

Economically, more than 160 houses were swept away; 980 houses were badly destroyed and 1,800 houses were submerged under water. About 1,500 hectares of rice and other crops were totally damaged.

It is estimated that economic losses were valued at VND 460 billion (around USD 20 million).

A nationwide campaign in support of the natural disaster victims has been launched. On the other hand, a search and rescue movement has been promoted actively to help the people there to overcome difficulties. Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung and Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Nguyen Xuan Cuong were found present at the site to give instructions to the rescue work./.


2018 National High School Examinations Well Organized

According to the assessment of the Ministry of Education and Training, the high school examinations this year has happened in a safe, serious and good manner.


(Photo:Illustration on the internet)

There are 925, 753 high school students registered to sit for this year’s examinations. About 45,000 officials and teachers were mobilized from 216 universities and colleges nationwide to coordinate with the local departments of education and training to organize the examinations.

In terms of the tests, a lot of people say that his year’s tests are more difficult than 2017 due to the fact that the examinees have to give answers to the questions relating to the knowledge of the 11th form./.


8 army officers sent to join biggest maritime exercise in world

The Defense Ministry of Vietnam has sent 8 army officers to Hawaii, the USA, to join some contents in the Rim of Pacific (RIMPAC) maritime exercise to be organized on July 1 to 31, 2018, at the invitation of the Ú Pacific Fleet, the Ú Navy.


(Photo:Illustration on the internet)

That the Vietnam Navy has participated in the RIMPAC maritime exercise 2018 is aimed at enhancing the interaction and learning concerning the humanitarian support, mitigation of natural disasters and the rescue work on the sea; it reflects Vietnam’s independent policy in line with the process of international integration, making a contribution to asserting Vietnam’s role, position and responsibility in the mechanisms of cooperation in maritime security.

At the same time, this is also an opportunity for Vietnam People’s Navy to learn experience and develop capacity.

The RIMPAC exercise is the biggest multilateral naval exercises  in the world organized by the USA every two years in the area of the Hawaii state and the south of California state./.


Over USD 20 billion of FDI capital in Vietnam in 6 months of 2018

According to the Department of Foreign Investment, under the Ministry of Planning and Investment, as of June 20, 2018, there are 1,366 newly licensed investment projects with the total registered capital of USD 11.8 billion, equaling to 99.7% of the number of 2017.


Japan tops among 87 countries and territories having investment projects in Vietnam

All told, in the 6 months of 2018, the investment capital of the newly licensed projects, the added capital and the M&A capital of foreign investors have been put at USD 20.33 billion, a y.o.y increase of 5.7%.

There are 87 countries and territories having invested in Vietnam so far, in which Japan tops among them with the total investment capital of USD 6.47 billion, occupying 31.8% of the total investment capital; South Korea stands the second with the total investment capital of USD 5.04 billion and Singapore ranks the third with the total investment capital of 2.39 billion.

Vietnam has attracted 25,949 foreign investment projects so far with the total registered capital of USD 326.3 billion. Most of the projects focus on assembling, processing; low localization rate, so the value created in Vietnam is not so high.

On the other hand, FDI is yet to create the close linkage with the Vietnamese enterprises so as to join the value chain; Vietnam has also not yet promoted support industry for development. All the technological transfers and management experience have yet to live up to expectation./.


EC is yet to drop “Yellow Card” for Vietnam’s fisheries

An inspection mission of the EC has just sent its conclusion on its examination in May in some localities of Vietnam, affirming that it is yet to drop the “Yellow Card” giving the warning to Vietnam fisheries.


(Photo:Illustration on the internet)

The inspection mission has recognized the efforts of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for issuing the documents asserting to overcome difficulties warned by the EC after it has investigated Binh Dinh and Kien Giang provinces. However, inconsiderable improvement has still been found in the combat against illegal fishing in some localities.

Among 8 recommendations made by the EC, there is one that from now to early 2019, all the fishing boats from 15 meters to 24 meters of Vietnam should be installed with the cruise control devices connected with the satellite./.


Dossier is made to propose UNESCO to recognize Dong Ho paintings

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has agreed with the People’s Committee of Bac Ninh Province on the formulation of the dossier concerning the Dong Ho painting making jobs so as to be able to submit it to UNESCO to be listed in the world’s intangible cultural heritage that need urgent protection.


Artisan Nguyen Dang Che is perfecting a Dong Ho painting called “The Carp is gazing at the Moon”

This is of utmost important to list the Dong Ho painting in the world’s intangible cultural heritage that need urgent protection in order to maintain and promote the cultural value of a craft village and improve the community’s awareness in maintaining the traditional cultural values.

The Dong Ho painting making job is the folklore wood-carving craft created and developed by the Dong Ho villagers (Song Ho commune, Thuan Thanh District, Bac Ninh Province).

These paintings vary in subjects. There are the paintings only for worshipping, others for history, story paintings, landscape paintings and the paintings on daily life. The craft is of high historical and cultural values and it was classified by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as the National Intangible Cultural Heritage in December 2012./.