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Award presentation ceremony of National Press 2017; three dialogues with Thu Thiem people are among the most outstanding information of the week.

25/06/2018 06:44:00

93rd anniversary of Vietnam Revolutionary Press Day marked

On the occasion of the 93rd anniversary of the Vietnam Revolutionary Press Day, June 2i, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc on June 20 met veteran journalists and leaders of the press agency and newspapers nationwide.


Prime Minister meets with journalists on the occasion of the 93rd anniversary of the Vietnam Revolutioanry Press Day, June 21

Speaking at the event, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc commended the press for having walked together with the renovation cause and for national building and defense. The Vietnam revolutionary press has constantly been developing, overcoming difficulties and challenges and served as a bridge connecting the Party, State and Government with the people. The political abilities of the contingent of pressmen have been increasingly improved.

The Vietnamese press has developed in a diverse and abundant manner with different forms of communications, including the printed, e-papers and the multimedia communications, among others. Over 36,000 press workers have been getting involved in the work.

However, there are still a lot of weaknesses and limitations that need being overcome, let alone there are still a lot of inadequacies in the managerial work.

Vo Van Thuong, Politburo member, Chief of the Propaganda and Education Board of the Party Central Committee, took the floor, praising the Vietnam press for having struggled against the ideological degradation and negative life style in recent time, thus making a contribution to building the Party./.


Award presentation ceremony of National Press 2017

An award presentation ceremony of the National Press 2017 was organized in Hanoi on June 21, 2018.


 President Tran Dai Quang presents Prize A to the winners

Present at the ceremony were General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong, President Tran Dai Quang and others.

Speaking at the event, Thuan Huu, Deputy Chief of the Propaganda and Educational Board of the Party Central Committee, Chairman of the Vietnam Journalists’ Association and President of the Council of the 12th National Press Award 2017, affirmed that the National Press Award this year is of good quality and ever more professional.

Over 1,800 works have been selected and especially, 63 journalists’ associations of provinces and cities have sent their works, asserting the prestige and attraction of the award.

The Council has selected 145 typical works for the final round. There are 8 Prizes A, 25 Prizes B, 43 Prizes C and 29 consolation prizes./.


About 60,000 guest workers working abroad in 6 months

It is estimated that in the first 6 months of 2018, about 60,000 Vietnamese have worked abroad as guest workers.


(Photo: Illustration on the intenet)

According to the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, among these guest workers working abroad, 17,388 are female workers. As planned, about 110,000 Vietnamese workers will be sent to work abroad according to labor contracts in 2018.

Taiwan (China) continues to be the biggest market for 24, 827 Vietnamese workers; it is followed by the Japanese market with 17, 252 workers; South Korea, 2,272; Saudi Arabia, 862; Algeria, 539 and Malaysia 419./.


First meeting of Anti-Money Laundering Steering Board

The Anti-Money laundering Steering Board held its first meeting on June 19, 2018 to perfect its working regulation. Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue, Chief of the Steering Board, chaired the meeting.


Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue, Chief of the Streering Board, chairs the meeting

The Anti-Money Laundering Steering Board is tasked to help the Prime Minister build a strategy, policy, program, plan, mechanism and solution in the combat against money-laundering.

The State Bank of Vietnam is the permanent agency of the Board and Governor  Le Minh Hung of the State Bank of Vietnam is the Deputy Chief of the Board and Deputy Minister of Public Security Le Quy Vuong is the Deputy Chief of the Board.

The Steering Board as Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue said will assess the national risks concerning money laundering and funding for terrorism, thus helping the Government and the Prime Minister to issue the policy and law on fighting money-laundering./.


Lychee this year gets bumper crop

The total output of lychee in Bac Giang Province this is put at 144,000 tons with a revenue of VND 3,980 billion.


Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam attends the lychee festival in Thanh Ha-Hai Duong on June 19, 2018

There are now about 350 tons of lychees having been exported by air. However, China remains the biggest market of Bac Giang lychees. As of June 21, about 45, 750 tons of lychees were exported to China, to USD 80.3 million.

Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Haiphong and Quang Ninh are Bac Giang lychee’s biggest domestic markets, especially the Saigon.Coop supermarket chain has bought 300 tons of lychees.

On June 10, Thanh Ha-Hai Duong Lychee Festival 2018 was attended by Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam./.


Stock market fluctuates

Indices have recovered strongly, but liquidity has sharply decreased.


(Photo: Illustration on the intenet)

According to BVSC, the recovery on June 20 is not strongly enough to affirm the complete stop of the decrease, particularly in the context that there are still the elements of high peripheral risks.

In the transaction session on June 21, VN-Index is likely to have seen the sea-saw at 985 points. The biggest reason for the sharp decrease of the securities market is the poor purchasing power. Investor only bought it at low price, while they are ready to sell a lot of shares.

VN-Index in its closing session lost 11.55 points, to 969.4 points and HNX-Index lost 1.94 points, to 110.16 points./.


A great challenge to have 1 million enterprises in 2020

It is still a far cry to have 1 million enterprises by 2020, asserts the Research Institute of Strategy and Competition.


(Photo: Illustration on the intenet)

According to the Report of Doing Business by the World Bank, the time to implement the registration of establishing enterprises in the Southeast Asian region, Vietnam stands after Singapore (0.5 day) and Thailand (2.5 days).

On the other hand, information technology has been thoroughly applied in this area so as to help better establish the enterprises. But can we achieve the target of having one million enterprises established by 2020 remains a hard nut to crack./.


Three times to have dialogue with Thu Thiem people

Secretary of Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee Nguyen Thien Nha on June 20 met with the voters of District 2 and had dialogue with them concerning the Project on the New Urban area in Thu Thiem.


Voters express their opinions with Secretary of Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee Nguyen Thien Nhan

Within one month and a half, there were three dialogues between the voters of Thu Thiem and the leader of Ho Chi Minh City. These dialogues have given the local people more confidence in the administration.

Secretary Nguyen Thien Nhan had to answer a lot of questions put by the voters there and through this, he could be able to get deeper insight into the locals’ current life and hopefully he could work out better policy to improve the people’s life./.