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Internet is 20 years old in Vietnam and a review of the implementation of the Law on Information Technology; heated debate on the house owning “Red Book”; and free tuition for primary education are the most outstanding information in the week.

25/11/2017 20:30:00

10 most influential people of Internet Vietnam in past 20 years

At the conference to review the work done in implementing the Law on Information Technology on November 23, 2017, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam said: “In general the economy develops per capita, Vietnam is rated 100 and a low middle-income country of the world. Internationally assessed, information technology is rated better, ranking 80th.


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Over 10 years of implementation, the Information Technology sector of Vietnam has recorded great achievements, really becoming an important infrastructure sector in the social and economic development, thus step by step meeting the requirements of sustainable development and international integration.

The Internet Association has just published a list of 10 most influential people of the Internet Vietnam in the past 20 years. This list is nominated by journalists and member enterprises of the Association.

The 20th anniversary of the Internet Vietnam Day was organized by the Internet Vietnam Association in Hanoi on November 22, 2017.

It is now to see in Vietnam that the Internet has been found present in every corner of the country. It is the Internet that has changed our life today. The 2G, then 3G and now 4G network with modern Internet telecommunication infrastructure has been covered everywhere, from the rural to the urban areas and from the mountain to the delta areas

According to the statistics, there are over 50 million users in Vietnam, accounting for 54% of the country’s population. Vietnam has become one of the countries that have the biggest number of Internet users in Asia.

However, the Internet has also a lot of inadequacies with malicious news that has distorted the system and hurt human dignity of individuals and organizations. On the other hands, there are hackers that attack the network, causing instability and safety of information with malwares against enterprises, agencies and organizations of the State of Vietnam./.


Elder Venerable Monk Thich Pho Tue is 100 years old and re-venerated Dharma Master of Buddhist Church of Vietnam

The 8th Congress of the Buddhist Church of Vietnam has just been convened to continue to venerate the one-hundred-year old Venerable Monk Thich Pho Tue to occupy the Dharma Master title of the Buddhist Church of Vietnam.


The Congress venerates Venerable Monk Thich Pho Tue to continue to occupy the Dharma Master title of the Buddhist Church of Vietnam

Venerable Monk Thich Pho Tue was born in 1917 in Khanh Tien commune, Yen Khanh district, Ninh Binh Province. He is the third Dharma Master of the Buddhist Church of Vietnam.

He is now the abbot at Vien Minh Pagoda (or Rang Pagoda), Phu Xuyen district, Hanoi City.

Speaking at the Congress, Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue said that for nearly 2,000 years having attached and accompanied with the nation, the Vietnam Buddhism has made great contributions to the national construction and defense. The Buddha’s teachings have been imbued in the life of the majority of the people of Vietnam.

The Deputy Prime Minister affirmed that the Party and the State of Vietnam have consistently implemented the policy on respecting and guaranteeing the freedom of belief and religion of the people and have created conditions for the religious followers and the dignitaries of the religion to implement satisfactorily their real religious life and fulfill their citizen’s task for the Fatherland./.


Sharp increase in fruit and vegetable export with turnover of over USD 3 billion

As of November 15, 2017, the total export value of fruits and vegetables of Vietnam has surpassed USD 3 billion.


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According to the General Department of Customs, as of November 15, 2017, the total export value of fruits and vegetables of Vietnam has surpassed USD 3 billion. With such a positive contribution to the export growth, it is hopeful that various kinds of fruits and vegetables of Vietnam will have a solid foothold in the demanding markets like the US, South Korea, Japan, Hllan, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand.

As viewed by many experts, the potential of export of fruits and vegetable of Vietnam is still very great and now the fruit and vegetable group has become the country’s main export products. The Government has also shifted the low-yield rice planting land to other plants and the vegetables production according to high technology.

In the coming time, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, more land area will be expanded for growing the main fruit trees and it is planned to increase export turnover on average to over 20% each year and efforts are to be made to strive to reach export value of over USD 4.5 billion by 2020./.


Free tuition for primary education

In the draft to amend and add some articles of the current Law on Education of the Ministry of Education and Training, it is said that students of primary education shall not have to pay tuition fees at the public schools.


Students of primary education shall enjoy free tuition

According to the draft, the general education shall be divided into the basic education stage and the occupation-oriented education stage; the basic education stage includes the elementary and primary education; the occupation-oriented education stage is the secondary education.

Many people think that it is necessary to grasp thoroughly and implement the 2013 Constitution and the policy and the law of the Party and the State on the universalization of education in the practical situation of the social and economic development at this time.

The draft also says that the Provincial People’s Council shall have to determine the level of school fee on the basis of the proposal of the provincial People’s Committee. The non-public educational establishments are entitled to build the level of tuition fee just to make up the costs and have reasonable accumulation./.


Debate about having all family members’ names recorded in house-owning “red book”

There are now a lot of debates about the decision on providing the certificate of the land use right, the house-owning right and other asset-related rights in association with the “red book” having recorded all the names of the family members.


The record of the names of the family members into the “red book” is only applied to the piece of land that belongs to many members in the family

According to the new Circular 33 of the Ministry of Resources and Environment expected to take effect on December 15, 2017, the certificate of the land use right will record the names of the family members instead of one or two persons as of now.

This stipulation has aroused the buzz among public opinion. This stipulation will cause a lot of complications and difficulties concerning the buying and selling activities of houses and land. If a certificate with a dozen names cannot have a consensus, it will be very cumbersome and time-consuming.

According to Dang Hung Vo, former Vice-Minister of Resources and Environment, all the members of a family are entitled to enjoy inheritance according to a will or law. Children do not have any contribution to their parents’ asset, so they cannot have their names recorded as the masters of the asset.

The Ministry of Resources and Environment explains that this is only to be applied to a piece of land that belongs to many members in a family. If a piece of land belongs to an individual, only the full name of that individual is to be recorded in the certificate. This is only aimed at reducing the risks for the land users and guaranteeing the legal benefits of the members of a family who have the common interests in using that piece of land./.


Natural Sciences University reaches AUN-QA quality standard

Natural Sciences University is the first university in Southeast Asia that has been recognized as having reached the AUN-QA (ASEAN University Network-Quality Assurance) quality standards.


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On November 20, 2017, a representative of Natural Sciences University – Hanoi National University said that the university was officially recognized as having reached the AUN-QA.

This is considered as an important milestone in the journey to turn Natural Sciences University into an advanced research university in the future when it has reached the AUN-QA. This is the first university in Southeast Asia to have reached the AUN-QA.

The AUN-QA has comprised 25 standards and 111 criteria. In the 2012-2015 stage, Natural Sciences University had 6 training programs accredited by the AUN in accordance with the set of standards AUN-QA.

On November 21-23, the school received an accreditation of the AUN to come and accredit the quality for the master-degree training program of natural geography and meteorology.

The university has not got 10,000 students following 40 tertiary training programs./.


National precious objects of Thang Long-Hanoi on display for first time

On November 23, Hanoi Museum put on display 4 groups of the Thang Long-Hanoi national precious objects for the first time on the occasion of the Vietnam Heritage Day.


The ceramic lamp in the 16th century of artisan Dang Huyen Thong in the Mac dynasty

The 4 groups of national precious objects on display includes Co Lao bronze drum and a set of bronze plough shares of the Dong Son culture period, more than 2000 years ago; the Thanh Mai bell dated in 798; the ceramic lamp in the 16th century and the long đình worship pottery of Bat Trang pottery village in the 17th century.

Besides, Hanoi Museum also exhibits a number of images and models of the other precious objects. For now the Government has recognized 12 exhibits as the national precious objects that must be preserved.

This exhibition is an activity to promote the value of the national precious objects. These objects will be put on display on the occasion of the upcoming Lunar New Year (Tet) in 2018./.


Do My Linh makes history in Miss World

Do My Linh, Vietnam beauty, has for the first time won the additional award Miss Humanity at the Miss World.


Đỗ Mỹ Linh, Miss Vietnam, has for the first time won the additional award, Miss Humanity, at the Miss World

During the final night of the Miss World organized in Nam A, China, Do My Linh was in the Top 40 and unable to get into the Top 15 group. However, she won the additional award Miss Humanity.

In a 10-minute long clip, Do My Linh introduced in English the journey to set up the solar energy facilities to supply electricity to 36 households in Cu Vai hamlet (Xà Hồ commune, Trạm Tấu district, Yên Bái province), a remote area, 2,000 km from the sea.

While she was making the clip, the storm No. 10 made a landfall in the area, causing a lot of difficulties to her and the crew. Yet, in the end of the day, with her biggest efforts, the clip had been completed. And this project is named “Carrying electricity to mountain hamlet”.

As of now, Vietnam has got 15 Misses Vietnam attending Miss World so far. Especially in 2002 Miss Vietnam Mai Phuong was in the Top 20 at the Miss World 2002; in Miss World 2004, Miss Vietnam Mai Phuong Thuy was in the Top 15 in Miss World 2006 and Miss Vietnam Lan Khue was in Top 11 of Miss World 2015./.


VND 1,000 billion is saved for one kilometer of railway after review

After careful calculation, Hanoi has cut down the total investment of the Tran Hung Dao-Thuong Dinh railway line and saved VND 5,825 billion.


After the refiew and recalculation, Hanoi has saved VND 5,825 billion for the building of the Tran Hung Dao-Thuong Dinh railway line

This adjustment has been made by relying on the reference to the unit price evaluated by the Ministry of Planning and Investment. So, for each kilometer of railway line, Hanoi has save VND 1,000 billion.

This is the key project with the budget arranged for in investment in the2016-2020 stage. Even though it is possible to cut down the cost of VND 5,825 billion, Hanoi still says that this calculation is only an estimation and there will be more reviews and calculations in an attempt to cut down unnecessary costs.

The urban railway line No. 2 comprises: Noi Bai-Nam Thang Long; Nam Thang Long-Tran Hung Dao; Tran Hung Dao-Thuong Dinh; Thuong Dinh-Ring Road 2.5-Hoang Quoc Viet./.


General Department of Taxation reviews Vietnamese names in Paradise dossier

A representative of the General Department of Taxation said that it will match the data in the Paradise dossier of the tax sector to see if there are any Vietnamese names and organizations in the dossier.


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This work needs the coordination of many functional agencies of Vietnam. It is no easy at all to review the names in the dossiers of Paradise or Panama.

According to the ICIJ, Vietnam has got 92 offshore entities, 22 individuals and 171 addresses already metioned in the dossier.

According to ICIJ, of tens of companies having their headquarters in the tax haven relating to Vietnam, 14 companies are located in the Virgin archipelago under Britain, 11 companies are located in the Cayman archipelago and the rest are located in Panama, Bahamas and the Cook archipelago.

According to the Panama dossier made public on May 10, 2016, Vietnam had 189 individuals, 19 offshore companies and 23 intermediary companies in the list./.