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An urgent response to the very strong and dangerous storm No. 10 is the top news of the week.

16/09/2017 13:42:00

Over 250 booths of Vietnam join China-ASEAN Expo

On the morning of September 12, 2017, Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh, Chinese Vice-Premier Zhang Giaoli and leaders of ASEAN countries attended the Opening Ceremony of the 14th China-ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO and the 14th China-ASEAN Business and Investment Summit (CABIS).


Vietnamese booth at the China-ASEAN Expo

After 14 times, the China-ASEAN Expo and the China-ASEAN Business and Investment Summit have become an important mechanism, boosting the friendly exchange, promote trade and cooperation between the ASEAN countries and China.

Speaking at the event, Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh stressed that the CAEXPO and the CABIS have made an important contribution to boosting the strategic partnership between ASEAN and China and affirmed that Vietnam has always attached importance to and taken an active part in the Expos.

This year, Vietnam continues to have over 250 booths joining the expo and 12 consecutive years, it is the country that has got more booths among the ASEAN countries.

The Deputy Prime Minister continued to point out that in the past year, Vietnam has continued to have stable development and recorded pretty impressive achievements with GDP being maintained at 6% level and expected to increase by 6.5% to 7% in the 1027-2020 stage.

Up to now, Vietnam has established the strategic partnership and the comprehensive partnership with a lot of key partners; it has the economic and trade relations with 224 countries and territories; furthermore, it is judged as being one of the developing countries that are successful in attracting FDI.

Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh stressed that being an active member of the ASEAN Community, Vietnam has always attached importance and supported the ASEAN-China cooperation and is ready to play the role as a bridge to connect the ASEAN Economic Community and China in the interests of all parties concerned, for peace, stability, cooperation, development and prosperity in the region.

Speaking at the Opening Ceremony, Chinese Vice-Premier Zhang Gaoli stressed that China has attached importance to cooperation with ASEAN, at the same time suggested the policies and orientations for cooperation in the coming time, including the strengthening of the political trust so as to create the firm basis for boosting the common cooperation in the economic, trade, production capacity, connection of resources and people-to-people exchanges.

On September 13, Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh attended the opening ceremony of Bac Luan Bridge connecting Mong Cai City (Quang Ninh Province) and Đong Hung City (Guangxi-China)./.


An urgent response to strong and dangerous Storm No. 10 is needed

On the morning of September 14, 2017, Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung, Chairman of the National Committee in response to incidents and natural disasters and Search and Rescue, chaired an on-line meeting to find the solution to have an urgent response to Storm No.10.


The storm path and position

Storm No. 10 (its international name: Doksuri) is forecast to make a landfall from the evening of September 15 to the early morning of September 16 on the inland of Nghe An-Quang Tri area.

This is a very strong and dangerous storm for many years now. When it makes a landfall, it has level 4, the highest ever so far.

Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Ding said that this is a very strong hurricane. If there is no timely and effective response, losses will be very big. He requested all the localities in the storm-hit area should quickly review the preparatory work, say, the evacuation of the people to safer places and the hiding of the fishing boats in time when the storm makes its landfall.

The same day, the Prime Minister sent an official message, asking the localities in the storm area to take timely measures to respond to the storm. All the meetings are asked to delay so as to make all-out efforts to combat against the storm.

According to the latest news, the storm has hit hard Ha Tinh and Quang Binh provinces, causing the first human and property losses./.


Vietnam coordinates in international drill in rescuing network security incident

On September 11, 2017, the Vietnam Center for Urgent Rescue of Computers (VNCERT) coordinated with the international drill program on rescuing network security incident (ACID).


As of September 2017, Vietnam has recorded and coordinated in handling 9,964 attacks on website

There were 11 rescue teams from the Southeast Asian countries, Australia, China, India, Japan and South Korea. The venues for the drill are in Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City.

The theme of the drill is “Prevention of danger of the lack of accuracy and poor control of logging”. The teams will be trained in the skills of collecting, identifying and analyzing the malwares; determining the origin of attackers; building the legal measures, restoring the system and warning to the relevant units.

The ACID (ASEAN CERT Incident Drill) is the annual drill program to handle the incident in the international information safety in the Southeast Asian region. As the VNCERT said, as of September 2017, Vietnam has recorded and coordinated the handling of 9,964 website attacks./.


Country Partnership Framework 2017-2022 announced

On the morning of September 14, 2017, the World Bank Group organized a ceremony to announce the Vietnam Country Partnership Framework in the 2017-2022 stage.


National Director of WB in Vietnam Ousmane Dione hands over the Country Partnership Framework to Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Chi Dung

At the ceremony, Ousmane Dione, WB Director in Vietnam assessed that Vietnam has made a lot of successes in the past few years. Vietnam has reached high industrialization level and improved people’s life.

In face of the challenges in economic growth, international integration, hunger eradication and poverty reduction and climate change, the Country Partnership Framework in the 2017-2022 stage will help Vietnam resolve the challenges, Ousmane Dione said, further stressing that the WB Group has the honor to work shoulder to shoulder with Vietnam in the process of consolidating the position of a country with a middle-income country.

In the 2017-2022 stage, WB will focus on giving support to Vietnam realize the reform measures with a view to creating the impact of strategic stature. The main objective is to enhance the sustainable growth in environment.

Ousmane Dione committed that all institutions, partners and tools will be mobilized to create the diversity of capital like loaning, policy dialogue, analysis and consultancy or guarantee.

Judging the importance of the Country Partnership Framework Vietnam in the 2017-2022 stage, Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Chi Dung said that if we can’t go faster in the continuously changing world, we will be left behind. Vietnam is facing the challenges of the middle-income trap from international integration, climate change. We have to overcome challenges and turn them into opportunities./.


First lot of chicken officially exported to Japan

The value of a container is not great though, it helps open high expectation that Vietnamese agriculture can completely be able to export its products to the demanding markets, stressed Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Nguyen Xuan Cuong at the ceremony to announce the first lot of chicken of Koyo & Unitek Company being exported to Japan on September 9 at the Long An International Port.


The successful export of chicken of Koyo & Unitek Company helps open great opportunities for other enterprises at home

This lot of exported chicken proves the efforts of the linkage chain from breeds, feed, farm, slaughter and delivery with Bel Ga, Hung Nhon, De Heus and Koyo & Unitek units.

Each year, the agricultural sector export farm produce with a value of USD 30 billion, but no livestock breeding products having been ever exported, while we have 30 million pigs, 300 million poultries and half a million milky cows. This great number cannot be consumed domestically. So, export of these products is a must.

It needs the whole system to join hands to carry out this plan and today the first lot of chicken was exported in one container to Japan, a demanding market./.


5.6 million tons of rice for export is 2017 goal

With the increasing number of rice export in August and a positive signal appearing in the market, the Vietnam Food Association (VFA) has recently raised the goal of exporting rice in 2017 to 5.6 million tons instead of 5.2 million tons suggested in July.


In face of the strong development of the rice market in August, rice export of Vietnam could be able to reach over 5.6 million tons in 2017

VFA said that in the past 8 months of 2017, rice export nationwide reached 3.8 million tons with FOB value of USD 1.66 billion, a y.o.y 16.6% increase in FOB value and a y.o.y 17.7% increase in quantity.

Noticeably, August has seen the 70% rise of rice export in quantity and 56.8% in FOB value, in which fragrant and broken rice was exported to China, the Philippines, Africa and Australia.

All told, in the past 8 years, enterprises have registered the export contract of 5.1 million tons, 18.8% higher than last year. According to VFA, China, the Philippines and Bangladesh remain the potential export market of Vietnam rice in the last months of the year.

With the above-cited example, it is hoped that in 2017, about 5.6 million tons of rice will be exported./.


Biggest ever economic crime case at Oceanbank adjudicated

Great attention is now being paid to the judgment of the Oceanbank case. At the court, Nguyen Xuan Son, former General Director of the Oceanbank is proposed for death sentence and Ha Van Tham, President of the Oceanbank, for life sentence.


Former General Director of the Oceanbank Nguyen Xuan Son at the court

Directed by Ha Van Tham, former President of the Oceanbank, from 2010 to November 31, 2014, about VND 1,500 billion of extra interest had been paid to depositor, in which VND 21 billion had been paid to Vietsovpetro (VSP), VND 19 billion to Binh Son Oil Refinery (BSR) and VND 76 billion to PVN.

With the big sum of VND 800 billion, equivalent to 20% charter capital, as its contribution of capital, PVN and its affiliates had turned the Oceanbank into its backyard. Hundreds of billions of Vietnam dong had been paid every year to the PVN’s member units in the form of “customer care”. Actually this big sum of money had not been sent to the enterprise’s account. Instead, it had been flown into individuals’ pocket./.


“Father and Son” feature film of Vietnam at Oscar 2018

The Film Selection Council worked on September 13, 2017 to select the feature film for the Oscar 2018.


A scene in the “Father and Son” feature film

Of three films “Shoot” by director Viet Max, “Island of Residents” by director Hong Anh and “Father and Son” by director Luong Dinh Dung, the Council finally selected the “Father and Son” feature film.

The film tells about a boy who always dreamt about touching those clouds flying in the sky and a father who always bound himself catching fish by the river. The boy dreamt that one day when he grew up, he could arrive in a fairy land but he could not because of his serious illness. In the end of the day, father had carried his son on the back and go to the land dreamt by his son before it was impossible…..

The film has won some international prizes, say in November 2016, the film won the best film prize at the Canadian Diversity Film Festival and at the Barcelona Planet Film Festival, it won the best cinematography prize. At the 26th Arizona International Film Festival, USA, the film won the Best Foreign Feature Prize and the Special July Award for Outstanding Cinematography Prize. And at the 15th Boston Film Festival, the film won the Indie Spirit Best Story Line Award and the Best Cinematography Award at the 17th Milano International Film Festival./.


Vietnam wins historical medal at world Karatedo prize

By having defeated the Canadian athlete at the final, Nguyen Thi Ngoan won the 61kg women’s Karatedo gold medal at the World Cup in Leipzig, Germany.

This is the best achievement in Karatedo Vietnam at a World Cup.


Gold medal at World Karatedo 1 of Nguyen Thi Ngoan is the historical milestone of Karatedo Vietnam

The K1 World Cup was organized in Leipzig, Germany, on September 8-10, 2017 with the participation of 1,384 athletes from 87 countries.

In April 2017, Nguyen Thi Ngoan won the 61kg women’s Karatedo bronze medal at the Ki, UAE./.


VND 11,000 billion History Museum project is not feasible at this time

According to the Ministry of Construction, the National History Museum project is not feasible to be built at this time. It is hoped that the project could be implemented in 2021 at the soonest when the social and economic conditions of the country permit.


Perspective of the National History Museum

The scheme of building the National History Museum was approved by the Prime Minister in Decision No. 281/2006-TTg on December 19, 2006. However, at the meeting of the Standing Government on August 13, 2015, the Prime Minister concluded that in the current budget situation of the country, the start of building the Museum could be feasible only in 2021 and hopefully put to use in 2024.

In face of the current economic situation, it is difficult to arrange the budget for the construction of the museum project. In the immediate, it is necessary to focus on the preparatory work, particularly the building of the content and collection of exhibits for display and so on.

The cost for the construction of the National History Museum could climb up to VND 11,277 billion. This museum is to be built by the West of West Lake, Hanoi on the total area of 10 hectares. There are 4 items: the main building; the memorial area for the notables; the open-air display area and the supporting area, including green trees and landscapes./.