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The 7th National Congress: Leadership of the country take to the road of innovation

The 7th National Congress took place on June 24–27, 1991, in Hanoi. Attending the meeting were 1,176 delegates, representing for more than 2,155,022 Party members nationwide.

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The Congress was on a Congress of "Innovation-Democracy-Discipline- Unity”; in the first time adopted the Platform to build the country in the period of transition to socialism.

The Congress also adopted the Strategy of socio-economic stability and development to 2000; The  building Party Reports and Party Rules (amended Party Rules).

The Congress once confirmed that Vietnam Communist Party was a vanguard of the Vietnamese working class, faithfully representing the interests of the working class, working people and the entire nation.

Accordingly, The Party's policies are based on Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh's thought, and those’s thought was considered as the basic thought, the guideline for all action, in which the principle of democratic centralism was considered to be the basic organizational principle.

The Seventh Congress decided the path of the national revolution in the following decades, as to be determined to step up the comprehensive renovation and   persist with the goals of national independence and socialism that Uncle Ho, the Party and our people had chosen. 

The Congress elected the Central excutive Committee including 146 members and elected the Politburo including 13 members. Then, the 6th Central Executive Committee elected four more Politburo members. Comrade Do Muoi was elected General Secretary./.

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