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The 6th National Congress : Renovation Determination

The Congress took place on December 15-18, 1986 in Hanoi. Attending the meeting were 1,129 delegates representing nearly 1.9 million Party members nationwide and 32 international delegations attended the meeting.

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The 6th National Congress : Renovation Determination - 1

The Congress would voted the leaders who had succed in the implementing the  renovation policies. of which, the Congress also gave new  ideas on socialist renovation.

- Based on the regulations of conformity between the production relations and the nature and level of the productive forces to find the appropriate path.

- The Lenin’ theory was applied that the economy had a multi-component structure is to be a characteristic of the transition period.

- Building new production relations based on three respects including the public ownship regime of means of production; the socialist management regime and the socialist distribution regime.

The Congress elected the Central Party Executive Committee VI Session comprised of 124 official members and 49 alternates. The Central Party Executive Committee held the First Conference to elect the Politburo and the Secretariat. Comrade Nguyen Van Linh was elected General Secretary of the Party Central Committee.

Comrade Truong Chinh, Pham Van Dong and Le Duc Tho were assigned to take charge of the Advisors of the Party Central Committee.

The 6th National Congress : Renovation Determination - 2