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The 4th National Congress: National Independence and Unity

The congress took place in Hanoi from December 14-16, 1976. Attending the meeting were 1,008 official delegates representing more than 1.55 million Party members nationwide and as many as other international organizations and delegations attended the congress.

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The 4th National Congress: National Independence and Unity - 1

The Congress discussed and made the decision to change socialist revolution in the North and democratic national revolution in the South into the entire nation‘s socialist revolution. Since then, the Congress had mapped out the way of building socialism nationwide including:

- The common line of socialist revolution.

- The path of economic construction in the period of transition.

The Congress approved a Political Report, a Report on the main directions, tasks and criterias of the 5-year plan (1976-1980), a Report reviewing on Party building work and the revision of the Party Rules.

Notably, at this Congress, delegates agreed to rename the Vietnam Workers' Party to the Communist Party of Vietnam.

The Congress amended Party Rules. Accordingly, the congress restored the post of General Secretary instead of First Secretary and elected a Central Committee, consisting of 101 official members. The Political Bureau comprised 14 official members and Comrad Le Duan continued to be elected as General Secretary.

The 4th National Congress: National Independence and Unity - 2